Just Plein Fun

Up until 2014 much of my artistic practice revolved around still life, urban scenes, floral and interiors. However at that point, my focus took a radical turn. I’ve turned into a devoted landscape painter because I learned to paint ‘en plein air’.  For newbies, ‘plein air’ basically means painting outside from life. I began painting plein air by taking a workshop in Jasper from artist Liz Wiltzen. After that I was hooked.

I’d tried painting landscape from photos for years. But I never was able to achieve what I was hoping. My colours were always off and nothing I created felt ‘real’. I wrote the genre off, thinking I just wasn’t a landscape painter. Was I wrong. Once I began painting outside, away from photos, I could actually see the real colours I was trying to capture. And even better, I was part of that image – it was all around me. I could see, hear, taste, smell and feel everything. What a difference. Now I can’t imagine working exclusively from a photo because it’s far too limiting. Below are a few of my most recent plein air works – I hope you enjoy.

PS – If you’re an artist and would like to take a plein air workshop from me, visit my Workshops page. I have a class lined up for the end of July in Calgary. I hope you can join me.




New! Wine & Cheese Workshops

Painting the Colors of Harvest & Autumn
Tuesday Oct 23, 2012 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Atlantis Fine Framing Studio – 4515 Manhattan Rd SE  Calgary, AB
Wine & Cheese • Door Prizes
$35 plus GST per person

Join Cheryl Peddie for a new workshop about painting the colors of fall. Gather the girls together and get creative! This new Wine & Cheese Workshop is designed specially for beginning students in acrylic and oil. While unwinding over a beverage and light snacks, you’ll enjoy a supportive, relaxed environment while exploring your creative side.

For beginners and more experienced artists alike, it’s easy to become too focused on trying to reproduce colors only as they appear in your photo. However this can result in paintings that lack the airy freshness and light of the landscape you remember experiencing. In this workshop, we’ll explore how to visualize, mix and integrate those experiential colors into your landscapes.

We’ll also cover how to incorporate and build on the light and shadow patterns in your composition. Cheryl will also do demos on her own canvas throughout the evening to help illustrate the concepts being explored. Bring a variety of photo references of fall landscapes, plus your painting supplies.

Door prize: Set of two framed mini-paintings by Cheryl Peddie
To register call Melanie or Ken: 403-258-0075