Hazy Days of Spring


My newest painting is fresh off the easel. ‘Hazy Days of Spring’ grew from my obsession with painting the earliest spring greens I could find. I spent weeks going out to paint ‘plein air’ (ie in the outdoors on location) trying to catch those first soft green leaves. They looked like a soft haze over the treetops. Just a whisper of green – so delicate and lovely.

We had a particularly early spring this year in the foothills, so I got an early start to plein air season! I was delighted to catch those first days of hazy spring greens, and this is one of the resulting studio pieces from the images and paint sketches I developed.

I painted ‘Hazy Days’ on birch panel. I first coated it with multiple layers of gesso to create a good tooth for the oil paint, and for longevity. This is a new surface for my larger work. I often paint on panel when working plein air, so I thought I’d try it for my studio pieces also. It enabled me to create a wide variety of edges, strokes and finishes. Plus, its sturdiness held up to my scribbles and any kind of strength of brush stroke I threw at it. A beautifully versatile surface which enabled me to keep a loose feel, despite the larger size.

Here are a couple of details…

If you’re interested in taking this painting home, it’s available today for a special one-day price. Click here for details.

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Cheryl Peddie

Through the Forest and the Trees

Grove of birch trees in fall
Through the Forest and the Trees

‘Through the Forest and the Trees’
16″x20″ Oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie. SOLD

This one brings a smile to my face because it is the product of some good-natured teasing by my framer. After doing a beautiful framing job on my last art show, Lead Designer (aka ‘The Framing Goddess’) Melanie Figueroa with Atlantis Fine Framing & Art Studio commented that all the pieces I’d done for this show, were either horizontals, or squares. There wasn’t a single vertically-oriented painting in the bunch!

I promptly got out a new canvas and painted this piece, to begin balancing things out!

Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me that you’re here.

Art Show & Sale at The Bee’s Knees Cafe

Cheryl Peddie art show, The Bee's Knees Cafe
Paintings by Cheryl Peddie at The Bee’s Knees Cafe
At left: ‘In the Smallest of Places’. At right ‘Looking West – Rocky View County’ at the Bee’s Knees Cafe.
‘Tulips’ and ‘Vales Greenhouse – Pink Blossoms’ at the Bee’s Knees Cafe
That’s me on Saturday, at the Bee’s Knees Cafe. My husband and I just finished hanging my work, and we were enjoying a cup of their yummy coffee.

I’m so pleased to have my work up at the Bee’s Knees Cafe for the next month. Thanks to co-owners Jessica and Barbara, and all the team there, for the opportunity. All my work there is for sale – all you have to do is give me a call and you can purchase your favorite painting over the phone. I take cheques, MC, & Visa. Stop by for a coffee and lunch and/or dessert. Their food is unbelievably delicious. Visit them on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/pages/Bees-Knees-Cafe

The Bee’s Knees Cafe
220, 412 Pine Creek Road
Calgary, AB
(Near De Winton)

Thanks for reading; and check back soon – I’ll be giving painting demonstrations there this month – dates to be announced.
All my best, Cheryl.


oil painting of pond

24″x36″ oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie
Early Fall Scene near Highway 22 South, headed towards Turner Valley Alberta.
Foothills in the background.

To view or purchase please contact me directly
Cheryl Peddie – 403-201-6532

Loved painting this piece… was in my zone the whole time. Rats though, that my camera made the
reflections look like they’re at an angle. Still learning how to photograph my larger pieces, to minimize
this dreaded ‘fish eye’ effect. Still, really pleased with this piece – one of my favorites I’ve done in a while.

Montana Bound

En route to Montana, 2012
Montana Bound – 6″x8″ unframed oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie

Montana Bound
6″x8″ unframed oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

I was surprised to see the rolling terrain in south central Alberta, as we drove to Montana for our holidays last summer. I love how the hills in the distance turn purple and blue. They contrast beautifully against the yellows and greens of the sunlit foreground.

Inside Out – Why on Earth do I Paint?

Image of Alberta Prairie
Bold Prairie – 8″x10″ oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie

‘Bold Prairie’
8″x10″ oil on canvas  • SOLD
by Cheryl Peddie

Am I an oddball? I’ve read a lot about other artists’ motivations lately. Comments about how their art depicts what’s in their heart and soul. Or, that a particular piece explores their beliefs about some particular issue. I notice stories like these because the story of my own motivation often seems to be missing. It’s not like I lost it. To lose something, you have to have owned it in the first place. Or at least, knew what the heck it looked like.

When I ask myself was in my heart when I painted this piece? Or what message I was trying to get across by painting the prairie in this way? Couldn’t tell you. Most of the time, I just go on auto-pilot when I’m painting. I’m not thinking ‘well if I put this stroke that way, it conveys this big idea I have or feel’.

When I’m painting, I just like that my brain chatter, worries and my TTD list shuts off. Things around me just still and my mind slips into peacefulness. I like the motion of reaching for paint, mixing it, laying it down on the canvas. The dance of stepping back to consider what’s there, what isn’t, what needs to still happen; and then moving back to make it happen.

But as to what I’m trying to represent of myself, of my subject matter? Most of the time, your guess is as good as mine. Now I realize, this is likely not what customers want to hear. I think that some folks want to hear about the inside story of a painting – the artists’ vision. Or some philosophical ‘why’ of a particular piece. But for most of my work, I just can’t articulate what my ‘why’ is. So I know I’m sticking myself out on a limb here.

What I do know is how I’ve heard my art being spoken of. I’ve heard folks comment on how a lot of my images have a short depth of field; about how some of my brush work is admired because it’s ‘unexpected’. About how clean my color is and of how it makes people feel happy to view.

So that makes me wonder: can you really always decide what part of your ‘insides’ will come ‘outside’ to live on your own canvas? So, yes, ones art can depict what’s in their heart and soul. But I think that although you can want this or that emotion, belief, viewpoint, or message to express itself, maybe it can’t be orchestrated or composed in such a predictable way.

Maybe it’s more of an unpredictable revealing of what’s in our hearts and souls. In an exquisitely vulnerable way, our paintings are an opening of ourselves. We do not know in advance what aspect of ourselves is going to be revealed. It is this that makes each piece of art so rare and beautiful. Each painting reveals a moment in time in the artists’ life and being, that is like no other.

Thanks for reading. All my best, Cheryl.


Image of sunset
SkyLights – 9″x12″ oil on extra-deep canvas by Cheryl Peddie

SkyLights – 9″x12″ oil on extra-deep canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

Sunset over Nose Hill Park, Calgary AB. I winged it a little with the foreground in this one. In my reference, the grasses were quite high. As a result there was unfortunately a lot of shadow. Shadow’s not always a bad thing, especially given that the tips of the grass were shining a lovely muted gold. However I found that my composition required less ground and more sky . . . so the grass got ‘mowed’.

Way Up High and Far Away

Prairie and Foothills painting in oil
Way Up High and Far Away

‘Way Up High and Far Away’
24″ x 36″ oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie

This view is looking west of Calgary, heading towards the foothills. The sun was up high in mid-afternoon, so it posed some interesting challenges with the temperature of light and shadow. As with many landscapes, one of the key things I looked for before I let myself say ‘done’, was that the land and sky were harmonious. Ensuring the colors in the sky are reflected in the land, and vice-versa ties the elements together and creates a cohesive, lively image.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Cheryl.

Over Southern Saskatchewan

‘Over Southern Saskatchewan’
8″x10″ unframed oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie


There are no other skies like the ones they have on the prairies in Saskatchewan. I completed this little piece during a workshop I took in April. I particularly like that I was venturing into adding texture into the foreground clouds, and allowing some of the quirkier, unexpected brush strokes and colors in the landscape to remain.