In the Pink

In the Pink - 6"x8" oil on canvas
In the Pink – 6″x8″ oil on canvas

I believe that this is my favorite piece I’ve done in a long time. I love that I finally figured out a way to paint geranium leaves in a loose, colorful way. I always puzzled over how to convey their frilly and ruffled, yet substantial nature. I painted this small, 6″x8″ piece as a way to unwind after working on a larger canvas all day.

It felt so refreshing to just watch and feel my hands and body moving, pulling all sorts of fresh colors together. I love the blues, purples and hot pinks. And I love that i just let most of the brush strokes lay where they were. At first I thought they needed more; that they seemed just scribbled and unfinished. But I realized that they were deliciously, perfectly whole, just as they were.

I consciously resisted adding any more to them, and was thankful I stopped. I reveled in this self-acceptance. It was one of those times when I glimpsed my own knowledge and value. And all because I chose to trust in my own intuitive ability. This one’s gong to stay in my collection.

Thanks so much for reading. Cheryl.