Lilac and Gold

Lilac and Gold
22″ x 28″ Oil on canvas. Framed.
By Cheryl Peddie

I captured the reference for this oil painting on an evening excursion down Highway 22 in the autumn. I painted a small study of this scene a few years ago, and felt the pull to revisit it and give it a larger canvas. This time, the lilac coloured shadows on the brush in the middle ground attracted my attention. They were a challenge and intriguing to paint. This painting is now framed, and available to purchase at Evanescence Gallery in High River.


Day 19 – Painting for Parkinson’s – Can You Hear the Birch Trees Whispering?

CanYouHear-Trees_9272-web‘Can You Hear the Birch Trees Whispering? Evening is Here’
Near Highway 22 South, heading towards Turner Valley
11″x14″ unframed oil on extra-deep canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

This painting is SOLD!

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I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

Another sun filled image from my travels along Highway 22, down towards Turner Valley. I’ve spent many hours driving along this highway with my camera gear. It never fails to provide me with a collection of beautiful vistas and intimate, sunlit corners to express with my paints.

*Please note that as I create my paintings in oil, they require about 3-4 weeks to properly
dry and cure before I can safely deliver them. Thanks so much for your understanding!

Day 9 – Painting for Parkinson’s – End of the Day

EndoftheDay_web‘End of the Day’ – 8″x10″ Oil on Canvas – Not for Sale –
Late day view just off Highway 22, heading down towards Turner Valley, AB
by Cheryl Peddie

Sorry folks, I have dibs on ‘End of the Day’. It’s actually a very special painting; one I put off creating for a long time. I’d actually done the sketches for it in Sept, 2011. I hadn’t gotten it onto canvas yet, when my family called to let me know Dad had gone into the hospital. That’s where my sketchbook leaves off for that year, and Dad passed away two months later. I didn’t do another painting until January of the new year.

Oddly, I’d already named this piece ‘End of the Day’ when I’d originally done the sketches that September. But I hadn’t realized it would be the beginning of another kind of ending. As a result, I was apprehensive about finishing it. I’d love the image, but it brought back such sad memories. Such a difficult time for my whole family.

Yesterday was such a positive day for my project though. So many kind folks helping me get the word out, including Ellen Percival, with Calgary’s Child Magazine, Christina Rowsell, through her blog: The Brighter Side; and both Duane Schreiner, and Brandi La Bonte of the Alberta Parkinson Society. So I decided to try it, choosing to believe there was ever a day I could do it, it would be then. I could feel the support, generosity, and good will flowing freely. So, I got my brushes ready.

After I finished, I decided that this little painting needed to stay with me, in my house. And in that way I protect it, hold onto it and keep yet another little part of my Dad and me together. ‘End of the Day’ will hang beside many of Dad’s stunning photographer that grace the walls of our home. This one’s for you Dad. I really miss you. All my love, Cheryl.

* If you would like to help support the Alberta Parkinson Society, please either make a donation to them, volunteer, or consider purchasing one of my paintings – I’m donating 50% of all my sale proceeds to the Society this month.