Day 1 – With Gratitude – Painting for Parkinson’s

With Gratitude - Painting for Parkinson's by Cheryl Peddie

‘With Gratitude’ – 8″x10″ Oil on Canvas
by Cheryl Peddie
I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

This painting has SOLD!!

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Today was the day. The first day of my ‘Painting for Parkinsons’s project. I will be creating one painting per day for the next four weeks, and donating 50% of my sales to Parkinson Alberta Society.

This was my view out Gratitude Café in Kensinton, while I was eating lunch there late last fall. Choosing this piece seemed fitting for this day, because as I look back I can see how many kind folks there have been, supporting my painting and art career along the way. So, I hope this project will allow me to pay that support forward to other families who are struggling with Parkinson’s.

This one’s for you Dad. Love you lots, and blowing you kisses all the way up to heaven. All my love, Cheryl.

Please note: Painting will require 3 weeks after creation and prior to shipping, to allow oil paint time to dry and cure! Thank you!

Cowboy Blues


Cowboy Blues – 11″x14″ Oil on Canvas – SOLD
by Cheryl Peddie

I painted ‘Cowboy Blues’ as a demonstration at Galleria in Inglewood, back in December. This is actually from a picture I took at Gratitude Cafe, in Kensington from the fall. It’s a great little restaurant, filled with lots of unusual trinkets, books, and displays. This coat rack was loaded down with bags, wraps and this awesome hat. The sun was hitting it just right; my perfect subject matter for a painting. If you’ve not been to Gratitude, you’re missing out. Now I’m no vegetarian, but I still found lots to love on their all-veggie menu. I sat for quite some time, just taking in the atmosphere and watching the bikes and shoppers go by. Thanks for reading. Cheryl.