Red, Yellow, Pepper, Blue

Pepper and fruit in a bowl
Red, Yellow, Pepper, Blue – 11″x14″ oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie

Red, Yellow, Pepper, Blue
11″x14″ oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

This painting started off as a demonstration at an art workshop I held, in February of this year. I can’t believe it took me until this month to finish! Occasionally, that’s the way paintings go. And that’s ok. Sometimes, there’s a particular challenge within the image that our skill sets aren’t quite ready to master; or, that our confidence isn’t ready to tackle. It’s often a good thing to let a painting ‘rest’ for a time, in situations like this. I’ve tried persevering and pushing through when faced with this dilemma in the past. I’ve never been satisfied with the results though.

With this painting, the challenge I saw once I came back to it yesterday, was that I had the blue bowl pretty much centered on the canvas. I hadn’t noticed that when I’d started it; that was likely why I’d struggled with finishing it. I’d needed to have enough time and distance from it, to notice what was wrong. Once I realized it yesterday though, it was a relatively easy fix. I added the scattered blueberries on the bottom right, extra fruit on the top left, and finally, and a handle for the bowl in the top right. (Blueberries are a blast to paint!)

The extra blue in the blueberries, and the addition of extra elements in the top left corner allowed the composition to spread diagonally a little more; taking attention away from the fact that the bowl still is centered on the canvas. There’s always a solution to every problem we encounter in our paintings. The trick is waiting for it to reveal itself to us!

Thanks for reading. All my best, Cheryl.

Sweet Stuff

IMG_9488-web‘Sweet Stuff’
8″x10″ oil painting on cavas
by Cheryl Peddie

This was a demo painting I did for my art students last night at Atlantis Framing. Peppers are such fun to paint because of their bright colors. I guess that holds true for all fruit and vegetables. There are few other places in nature where we can find such bright, vivid color. They also make great ‘models’ for painting – they never complain or fuss about their likenesses.

Come join us at art class! Our next series runs Thursday nights from 6-9 pm; June 6-27. $125 plus GST (MC & Visa welcomed). We enjoy creating all kinds of art – landscape, still life, interiors, floral and even streetscapes. Specially set up for beginning and intermediate students, with lots of one-on-one, patient and encouraging instruction. (I even bring cookies!) Located at Atlantis Fine Framing Studios – 4515 Manhattan Rd. SE. Just north and east of Chinook Centre. To register, please call me at 403-201-6532 or Atlantis Fine Framing Studios at 403-258-0075.

Here’s a few pictures of some of my students enjoying creating art!

IMG_9483-webIMG_9484-web IMG_9485-web

Happy painting, and thanks for reading. Cheryl.