Floral Workshop – Sept 28th 2013

Flax flowers
In the Smallest of Places (Flax flowers) – 24″x36″ Framed Oil on Canvas $1200 – To view & purchase call Cochrane Arts Central at (403) 932-3773

Fresh Floral Workshop
Sat Sept 28 – 10am-4pm – $100
Located at: Atlantis Fine Framing Studios
4515 Manhattan Rd. SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4B3

To register or for more information, please call Cheryl at 403-201-6532.

I’m hanging onto summer for all it’s worth, by teaching a workshop on painting fresh florals in oil & acrylics! And I’ll be bringing in fresh flowers for everyone to paint from! The day will be a mix of learning by watching my demos, doing quick and easy exercises, and painting from your own floral bouquet. (You’re also welcome to paint from your own reference photo.) We’ll be talking about how to use color temperature, value, saturation, edge, volume and shape to create beautiful, fresh floral paintings. I’ll supply one canvas, but you’ll definitely want to bring in a couple more so you can get the most out of class.

This will be a small class, to ensure lots of one-on-one instruction time and relaxed atmosphere. Maximum number of students is 8. A supply list is available – I’ll email it to you upon registration. We’ll learn lots and have a great time doing it.

Coffee, tea and ‘painting cookies’ will be provided. Please either bring your own lunch, or aim to pick up a sandwich – Tim Horton’s is a short drive down the road. To register, please call me at 403-201-6532. Cash, Cheque, MC and Visa welcome. I hope you can join us, and help us hang onto summer for one more weekend!

Day 15 – Painting for Parkinson’s – ‘Luminous’ and ‘I’d Have a Garden’


‘I’d Have a Garden’
– 4″x4″ unframed oil on extra-deep canvas – SOLD
by Cheryl Peddie


Flax flowers on the shores of Carpenter Lake, Montana
– 4″x4″ unframed oil on extra-deep canvas – SOLD
– by Cheryl Peddie –

I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

I have a thing for tiny canvasses. Like the subject matter I’m often most drawn to paint, I love all things that are cute and wee; things that have an intimate nature that draws one in and invites self-reflection and calm. So when I found these adorable 4″x4″ extra-deep canvasses at Michael’s a while back, I confess, I hoarded a few. Okay okay. I hoarded a LOT.

After getting behind on my painting schedule from our travels this weekend, I was drawn to the manageability of my stash of these lilliputian canvasses. They just seemed to manageable and friendly; forgiving of my tardiness! I could sit down while I paint them and block everything else out. So, I painted two. Hey, they are just wee… one didn’t seem like enough for a day of painting.

Luminous: I’d had a photo reference of these amazingly luminous flax flowers for ages. The sun set them aglow, and they were such delicate fine flowers I’d been afraid they’d get lost on a larger canvas. They seemed perfect for these little ones. I adored painting the ethereal purples and blues and allowing the shadows to grow rich and deep to set the petals off.

I’d have a Garden: In addition to little canvasses, tiny ‘pocket bouquets’ equally entrance me. I first started painting them while I was still taking regular art lessons. Mainly because I loved to paint real flowers but couldn’t afford big bunches of blooms. So I’d bring a couple stems of carnations and a shot glass from home, and that would be my painting subject for the evening. My teacher, Karen pointed out to me that Manet also did a whole series of miniature bouquets. I was delighted to find this out. This little bunch in ‘I’d have a Garden’ came from a photo reference at a friend’s house. It was early spring and the cool sunshine was pouring through the windows; neat white curtains swaying gentle to the rhythm of the breeze. And just a friendly little bunch of carnations in a cobalt blue vase. To me, this is perfection in subject matter. I have painted this bouquet’s ‘portrait’ many times!

Thanks so much for reading and following my journey. You all are yet another reason why I love to paint! All my best, Cheryl

*Please note that as I create my paintings in oil, they require about 3-4 weeks to properly
dry and cure before I can safely deliver them. Thanks so much for your understanding!