On my Easel Today

This little piece (9″x9″) is so new it doesn’t even have a name yet. I’m continuing to venture outside of my kitchen… and into my bathroom. This is a little scene on the back of my – er – toilet tank. I was aiming to allow the softer colors to come through again, but I see those brights keep creeping back in! It’s often hard to know when one should venture completely out of the comfort zone; or allow part of yourself to remain there – just dipping a toe into chilly new waters every now and again. Will keep working on it today and post when it’s all finished. Thanks for reading.

Gems and Jewels

‘Gems & Jewels’
12″x16″ Oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

Fresh off my easel yesterday afternoon. Lately I’ve been venturing out of the kitchen for subject matter, and this week it seems my bathroom decor has taken top spot. These great old ‘Jewel’ and ‘Gem’ canning jars were left over from a batch of my mom-in-law’s preserves. Now, they hold my collection of seashells, and sit on my bathroom shelf. I’ve always found the colors to be harmonious and soothing to look at.

Now for the challenge. Often my paintings turn out in vivid colour. Which I find interesting, because I’m naturally a more introspective, reserved person. So with this painting, as with the china cups I painted last month, I wanted to celebrate the softer side of who I am. Allow some of the more delicate tones to take centre stage for a change, and see what would happen.

It’s always challenging working outside our comfort zones, but I think it’s there that we learn the most about ourselves and the true extent of what we’re able to accomplish. We also have the opportunity to learn self-compassion, as it’s in this place of newness that our self-confidence is most likely to wobble.

I still love to paint more quirky subjects though, as I’ve been pursuing with my kitchen series. And I’ll continue to follow that theme here as I begin exploring other nooks and crannies in our house. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance, for sharing any of your thoughts.