Art Show Season has Begun


Good Monday morning to all my friends here! Am scurrying off to my studio this morning to continue getting ready for my first art show of the Christmas season. It’s this Sunday, Nov 23 at Cochrane Arts Central. I’ll be joined by artists Marla Blackwell, Jane Romanishko, Ingrid Vincent and Edith Vanderkloot. We’ll be serving refreshments and appetizers and will all be in attendance to visit with you. Cochrane Arts Central is located at 115 – 4th Ave West in Cochrane, AB. We hope you can join us for the afternoon to kick off to the holiday art season.

I’ll have a brand new selection of landscapes to share with you at this show. I’ve been working hard in my studio to expand my skills and learn more about myself as an artist. And my collection this fall reflects that. I’ve got paintings that set the scene of summer and spring, fall and winter alike,all with light and composition that I’ve taken careful thought and consideration to develop. Come help me celebrate my new beginning as a full-time artist.

Cochrane Arts Central is easy to find – Head northwest out of Calgary on Crowchild Trail to Cochrane. Once you arrive in Cochrane, turn left at the second set of lights. We’re just half a block down on the right-hand side. We’ll have signs at the intersection to help show you the way.

Thanks for stopping by,



Cheryl Peddie
Artist & Art Instructor

Sweet Stuff

IMG_9488-web‘Sweet Stuff’
8″x10″ oil painting on cavas
by Cheryl Peddie

This was a demo painting I did for my art students last night at Atlantis Framing. Peppers are such fun to paint because of their bright colors. I guess that holds true for all fruit and vegetables. There are few other places in nature where we can find such bright, vivid color. They also make great ‘models’ for painting – they never complain or fuss about their likenesses.

Come join us at art class! Our next series runs Thursday nights from 6-9 pm; June 6-27. $125 plus GST (MC & Visa welcomed). We enjoy creating all kinds of art – landscape, still life, interiors, floral and even streetscapes. Specially set up for beginning and intermediate students, with lots of one-on-one, patient and encouraging instruction. (I even bring cookies!) Located at Atlantis Fine Framing Studios – 4515 Manhattan Rd. SE. Just north and east of Chinook Centre. To register, please call me at 403-201-6532 or Atlantis Fine Framing Studios at 403-258-0075.

Here’s a few pictures of some of my students enjoying creating art!

IMG_9483-webIMG_9484-web IMG_9485-web

Happy painting, and thanks for reading. Cheryl.

Over Southern Saskatchewan

‘Over Southern Saskatchewan’
8″x10″ unframed oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie


There are no other skies like the ones they have on the prairies in Saskatchewan. I completed this little piece during a workshop I took in April. I particularly like that I was venturing into adding texture into the foreground clouds, and allowing some of the quirkier, unexpected brush strokes and colors in the landscape to remain.

Step AWAY From the Canvas


‘Doc’ – My Studio Manager

Everyone needs someone to remind them to step away from the canvas every now and again. When I was still taking regular art classes, it was my instructor who’d remind me. The point she was trying to make was that often, we can’t see what is and is not working in what we’ve completed, until we view it from some distance. Now that I’m on my own though, it’s up to me and ‘Doc’, my studio ‘mascot’ to remember to step away every now and again. (That’s ‘Doc’, above. Interestingly, he looks startlingly like my dear dad, who passed away about a year ago.)

It’s just so easy to get caught up in the productivity of making stroke after stroke. It’s freeing! Blissful! The paint is flying – my brush is humming! But then. Abruptly. The lighting I was so proud of is suddenly gone. Oh no, now that clump of poplars have lost their volume. And that luscious freshness I’d created in the foreground – what the heck happened to it? Yup. My beautiful canvas just turned into a four-sided frisbee.

So many things are like this when we’re working on our small businesses. When new opportunities start tumbling in, each one seems to justify our full attention. It’s hard not to get caught up in it because let’s face it – it’s exciting! It’s validating – wow, people like us! And these days, lord knows, validation of our self-worth is in short supply. So, we keep working faster and faster to keep up with it all. But I’m realizing that just like with my canvas, it’s the hurrying that causes the frisbee effect.

And so I begin to slow my pace. Start thinking more carefully. How much time do I really have – for marketing, for promotions, for the fancy new database – so that I don’t sacrifice my time in my studio? How much time can I spend in my studio without sacrificing much-needed time out interacting with my students and other artists? New opportunities are heavenly. It’s intoxicating to begin realizing all the benefits we’ve been working so hard for. But each new opportunity must included in the right amounts, relative to the other elements in our business. When we step away from that canvas, we can ensure we maintain and continue to improve our perspective, composition and balance! It’s up to us now to remind ourselves to step away when we need to. But I believe it’s manageable, even if sometimes we need a little help from our friends (like Doc!) to remind us.

Happy painting everyone! Thanks for reading. Cheryl.

It’s Demo Day!

Above – The photo reference I’ll be working from today – this is a sugar/creamer
set from the Royal Doulton China pattern called ‘Petit Point’.
(One of my all-time favorite patterns)

Join me at Galleria in Inglewood today from 1pm-4pm! I’ll be demonstrating my painting style and am always delighted to chat about creativity and painting. Today I’ll be finishing up a couple new canvasses from my ‘In the Kitchen’ series of paintings. These pieces are of some vintage china, collected by my Uncle Ed. I love china, and I have a small collection of teacups stashed in my china cabinet. As I’ve been working on these pieces, many other ladies have shared that they too have a treasured collection of their own. It’s funny, because I’ve learned that although none of us use our china often, we also couldn’t dream of getting rid of them. For me, I think it’s because I view these lovely old pieces as art forms, in and of themselves. I remember spending many happy times admiring the intricate details in both the form and patterns of my mom’s teacup collection. And still, I often pull my own teacups out and get lost in the delicate beauty of the designs.

These pieces are also a little different than the other kitchen paintings I’ve created because they’re smaller. I’d realized that my other kitchen paintings were so large, they wouldn’t fit on any of the walls in my own kitchen! And petite walls & modest-sized kitchens need art too! Sure looking forward to finishing them up and seeing the final result. Hope you can join me there and have a quick visit while I paint.

Thanks so much for reading. Wherever your weekend takes you, I hope it’s a lovely one. Cheryl

PS I’ll also have info available about the new art classes & ‘Wine & Cheese’ workshops I’m now teaching. I’m starting a new emailing list, so if you’d like to leave me your info I’ll be happy to keep you updated about future courses. Can’t make it to Galleria today? Just email your contact info to cherylatemergecreativedotca, and I’ll put you on the list.

It’s ‘officially’ official

‘A Chair in the Sun’ – 22″x28″ Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

WOOT! It’s official! I’m teaching art classes this fall at Atlantis Fine Framing Studio in SE Calgary!

It will be a weekly introductory painting class for adult beginners, with a focus on acrylics, oils & drawing. It’s a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where everyone gets to work at their own pace, on their own projects.

My classes will be starting Sept 12 – running weekly on Wed afternoons from 1-4pm. $100 + GST per month. Plus Atlantis has free parking & wheelchair access. For more details about Atlantis:; To register for a class & discover your creative side please give the wonderful folks at Atlantis a call – 403-258-0075.

I’ll be doing free painting demonstrations at Atlantis prior to that. So if you’d like to see me paint and get to know me a little be sure to stop by to watch a demo. I’ll be posting details about the demos as they firm up. There’s also a wide variety of other teachers and art that will be taught there in the fall, so attending a demo is the perfect way to dip your toe into creativity before you decide what type of class you’d like to take. (I’m also interested in expressive art, and will be looking into doing workshops on that in the near future.)

I’ve known the owner of Atlantis, Ken Bourassa for years – he and his top-notch team has done my framing ever since I began painting. They’re a group of genuine, creative folks to deal with and I’m looking forward to working with them. Thanks so much Ken!