I teach workshops in Calgary & surrounding areas, and on location when requested. Come join me and discover (or rediscover!) a love for painting! All my workshops have a few fundamentals: you’ll explore using design, color, temperature, value, saturation, and shape/edges. We also discuss light and shadow patterns, perspective, form and of course, drawing. My workshops are open to painters working in oils or acrylics.

Florals from Life – Oils or Acrylics…. SORRY, CLASS FILLED

Saturday, February 29, 9:30am – 3:30pm     

Location: Parkdale Nifty Fifties Club

3512 5th Avenue NW, Calgary AB

Did you know that painting from a photo can be more difficult than painting from life?  In this class you will learn how true this is.  Our day together will be a mix of learning by watching demos and doing small, manageable exercises painting from real floral bouquets.  You will learn:

  • How to take seemingly complex areas and simplify them down to manageable shapes
  • About value, temperature, saturation, edges, drawing and design, and light and shadow families
  • How much easier colour mixing is when you can actually see your subject matter in front of you — no more trying to guess colours from bleached out or too-dark photos



FRIDAY MAR 20, 2020  –  6pm-8:30pm Demo
SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2020  –  9am – 4pm

LOCATION: Cheryl Peddie Studios (Address to be sent upon registration)
CLASS SIZE: 4 students maximum
Refreshments will be provided, but please bring a lunch

Fee: $100

Living in Alberta gives us a special reason to paint the mountains. I’ve spent the last year doing plein air excursions into the Rockies in all sorts of weather. So come choose from one of my great photos and learn to see and paint mountains like I do! You will learn:

  • How to use aerial perspective to convey distance and the majestic heights of the Rockies
  • How to manage all those difficult shapes and angles – learn about focal areas and how to simplify other areas in the image
  • All about design – how to move your eye through the foreground, create light and shadow patterns, and how to use edges to direct your viewers eye

FOR WAITLIST, CALL 403-201-6532


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