I teach workshops in Calgary & surrounding areas, and on location when requested. Come join me and discover (or rediscover!) a love for painting! All my workshops have a few fundamentals: you’ll explore using design, color, temperature, value, saturation, and shape/edges. We also discuss light and shadow patterns, perspective, form and of course, drawing. My workshops are open to painters working in oils or acrylics.

My studio is in SE Calgary, right by the corner of Macleod Trail & Hwy 22X (Stoney Trail). The address will be provided, along with a full supply list, upon registration. All workshops in my studio include a one-hour break for lunch (use our fridge to store your bagged lunch) – you can enjoy some fresh air on our back deck, or hang out in our kitchen/living area.  If you prefer, there are a couple of local restaurants and fast-food spots within a 5 minute drive. Students are welcome to bring their supplies the night of the demo, and leave them in my studio for the workshop day. I also have a full stock of supplies, in case any materials are forgotten.

To Register for All Workshops at Cheryl Peddie’s Studio: Please Call Cheryl directly at 403-201-6532. Online Registration Coming Soon!

Winter Cook Shack – 12″x14″

Date: Saturday January 27, 2018
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Paintworks Art Studios and Supplies
112 Elizabeth St.
Okotoks, Alberta
Course Fee:

Learn some new techniques to create stunning winter art. Snow creates a tricky challenge. Our usual methods of portraying distance and form needs to be reconsidered to accurately create the effects we’re after. Learn to paint convincing light and shadows, snow drifts, bare winter trees and more. Cheryl will also show you many ways of handling your brushwork to create a range of snowy effects in oil or acrylic.

For more info or to register visit:

Flax flowers
In the Smallest of Places (Flax flowers) – 24″x36″


Friday Mar 9, 2018 – Demo 6-9pm (*Refreshments served…come hungry & thirsty!)
Saturday Mar 10, 2018 – Workshop 9:30-4:30
Cheryl Peddie Studio

Course Fee: $150.00
Max Number of Students: 4

In this course, you will be able to work either from a photo or from real flowers, whichever suits your abilities. (Beginner painters may prefer to work from a photo). Florals are often a favourite subject because of their beautiful colour and pretty forms. However they can often end up more challenging than students expect. In this class you’ll learn how to:
– see the overall structure and design of a floral arrangement through the use of light and shadow
– block in your composition so that you’ll end up with interesting planes and form
– and then proceed upwards through layers of paint to add volume, loose brushwork and final, sparkling details
We’ll also be talking about the importance of color temperature, value, saturation, and edges.

Flowers and Toast – 9″x11″


Friday Apr 6, 2018 – Demo 6-9pm (*Refreshments served…come hungry & thirsty!)
Saturday Apr 7, 2018 – Workshop 9:30-4:30
Cheryl Peddie Studio

Course Fee: $150.00
Max Number of Students: 4

Your home is a treasure trove of colorful moments that are worthy of painting! Painting a still life is one of the easiest way to expand your artistic skills quickly! Still life allows us to quickly see how light travels across an object, determine angles and compare proportions. It will hone your seeing and drawing skills like nothing else can. Plus, you get to use all sorts of juicy colors that we often can’t when painting subjects like landscapes. Beginning students may choose to work from a photo; more experienced painters are welcome bring a couple of objects to set up and paint from life. Tables, lighting, and a small selection of still life objects will be available.

A Long Time Coming – 11″x14″


Friday June 1, 2018 – Demo 6-9pm (*Refreshments served…come hungry & thirsty!)
Saturday June 2, 2018 – Workshop 9:30-4:30
Cheryl Peddie Studio

Course Fee: $150.00
Max Number of Students: 4

Celebrate spring & summer by painting the awakening landscape. Spring landscapes are often challenging because everything still looks a little drab; summer landscapes are just as challenging because how the heck do you manage all that green!? You’ll learn how to see and mix delicately greys and a variety of summery greens, while still allowing other colour to shine! As in all Cheryl’s workshops, we’ll explore using color, temperature, value, saturation, and shape. Colour theory as it pertains to landscapes will be covered. Learn how shape, light and shadow patterns work to establish a strong design.

When All the World Wakes – Plein Air, Big Hill Springs Park – Plein Air -8″x10″


Uncover the secrets of painting outside. Plein Air painting is a richly rewarding experience. Learn how to select a location and scene, manage changing light conditions, and to simplify what you see. We’ll also discuss how to optimize your plein air study for further development in studio. Students will receive a handout of supplies and suggestions, and more details about meeting location, upon registration.

As Seasons Change – 12×16


Friday Sept 21, 2018 – Demo 6-9pm (*Refreshments served…come hungry & thirsty!)
Saturday Sept 22, 2018 – Workshop 9:30-4:30
Cheryl Peddie Studio

Course Fee: $150.00
Max Number of Students: 4

Revel in the warm tones of painting the autumn landscape. Learn to mix those tricky oranges and reds without creating mud! And as with all my courses, learn to use value sketches and notans to create a successful design with a compelling light and shadow pattern. You’ll also learn how to deal with trees, as they begin to shed their leafy foliage and expose their bare branches and structure. Many students struggle to maintain a sense of form and volume when painting bare trees – and begin to dread it. But I’ll teach you how to see and handle them without fear – you’ll begin to love painting them as much as I do!

1890’s Farmhouse – 12″x16″ SOLD

URBAN SCENES – Houses & Street Scenes

Friday Nov 9, 2018 – Demo 6-9pm (*Refreshments served…come hungry & thirsty!)
Saturday Nov 10, 2018 – Workshop 9:30-4:30
Cheryl Peddie Studio

Course Fee: $150.00
Max Number of Students: 4

This workshop is great for students who wish to understand and improve their ability to draw in perspective. Learn about the different types of perspective, and how to draw more accurate proportions, angles and shapes. Students will also learn to create the right balance between simplification and detail for architectural elements (such as windows & doorways, stairs, balconies, gables, columns and porches). We’ll also work on creating beautiful, coloured neutrals and create a solid plan for lights and shadows. Beginning students can choose a more simplified scene, such as the front of a house; more advanced students are welcome to choose a scene with more elements and perspectives, such as the view down a roadway.

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