Use the Good China! (Uncle Ed’s Bachelor Buttons)

‘Use the Good China!’ 20″x20″
Framed oil painting on gallery-wrapped canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

Not for Sale – In the Collection of the Artist

This is the final version of the canvas I’d started the other day – some of my Uncle Ed’s china collection. A lot of my recent pieces have been vivid in color. For this canvas I thought I’d tone it down a bit, let the softer colors shine. While I was painting it I couldn’t help remembering the old saying about ‘not leaving your good china just for company’.

On my easel today

This painting is still in process on my easel. It’s a softer, quieter piece than some of the recent work I’ve done. Caught this image in my Uncle Ed’s kitchen. Ed collects a variety of antiques; this is just a few pieces of his impressive china collection. The decoration on the sides of the cups that I’ve just roughed in, are pictures of Bachelor Buttons. They’re one of my favorite wildflowers and remind me of him (he’s a bachelor himself).