Day 20 – Painting for Parkinson’s – Pretty, Inside and Out


‘Pretty, Inside and Out’  $240
12″x16″ unframed oil on extra-deep canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

This painting is available for sale for the month of Aug, 2013 at:
Euphoria Café, Calgary AB
5403 Crowchild Trail NW

New! I can also now accept credit card over the phone. And as always, cheques & cash.
Contact me directly at (403) 201-6532 or cheryl(at)emergecreative(dot)ca Thank you!

I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was look through my mom’s china teacup collection. It was the trend when mom and dad were married, to give individual teacups to the bride-to-be as a shower gift. And mom kept those teacups stashed at the back of the top shelf in the old china cabinet. I’ve collected a few teacups of my own, but few can really compare to mom’s. One in particular I remember was a shining, purple number, with scalloped sides, an ornate handle and pale ivory insides. I thought it was the most beautiful thing on earth.

My other favorites typically included those that had pretty patterns on the inside of the teacup. I always thought it was more fair that way. I always felt sad for the plain, spare insides. I feared they’d come to ‘feel’ lackluster and not as pretty, compared to their more splashily decorated ‘outsides’. So I always felt cheered to see the insides ‘treated’ just as special as the outsides. (Plus, it made drinking ones tea out of them particularly special. Each sip brought you closer and closer to having the lovely patterns unveiled!)

So the teacup on top of this little collection drew me in – both scallops, an ornate handle and a prettily decorate inside. Wow – I couldn’t not paint it. Pretty, both inside and out.

Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me. All my best, Cheryl.

*Please note that as I create my paintings in oil, they require about 3-4 weeks to properly
dry and cure before I can safely deliver them. Thanks so much for your understanding!

Day 8 – Painting for Parkinson’s – They Spell it ‘Dubble’!


‘They Spell it ‘Dubble!’
14″x18″ Unframed Oil on Canvas
by Cheryl Peddie – $325 –

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New! I can also now accept credit card over the phone. And as always, cheques & cash.
Contact me directly at (403) 270-9755 or Thank you!

I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

Well who knew they spelled it ‘Dubble’? All hail Walter E Diemer, the accountant (just like my Dad was!) who invented Dubble Bubble! This still life made me remember the gumball and candy machines at Woolworth’s Department Store. Woolworth’s was in our Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre on 8th Street in Saskatoon. My brother and I would head there on foot with – oh – maybe $1.00 each. That would buy us a bag of chips (25¢ Hostess chips when it was still in the tinfoil-like pack), and an assortment of candies like Dubble Bubble, or a (glass) bottle of Crush soda. Those were the days.

But I found this cool gumball machine and still life at Gratitude Café in Kensington, when I was having lunch there last fall. I took many photos of the shop and tucked them away until I was ready for a painting challenge! I decided it would make a fine subject for the painting demonstration I did at Galleria in Inglewood, this last Saturday.

Now, anyone who’s bared their soul enough to paint in public knows that the most prudent subject matter for a painting demo is something that doesn’t require a lot of compositional concerns or complex shapes. Well this had both. But I threw caution to the wind and did it anyways! I’m shaking my head at this now, wondering where on earth I got the courage (naiviteé?) from! But we had a good crowd gathered as I chatted about my process, shared tips about painting in oils, and talked about all things creative. And I found out mid-painting, that what I thought was spelled ‘Double’, was indeed, actually written ‘Dubble’. (A mistake that I have learned since, is a common one!) It turned out to be a great afternoon, and I’m so happy (relieved!) with the final result.

Thanks to everyone at Galleria in Inglewood for your warm hospitality (as always!) and all the folks who turned out to watch me paint. Looking forward to next time; all my best, Cheryl.

Please note that this piece will require approx 3-4 weeks prior to shipping,
to allow paint to dry and cure. Thank you!

From Sun Feb 24 through Sat Mar 23, I will be creating one painting per day
and donating 50% of my sales to Parkinson Alberta Society.

Day 2 – Painting for Parkinson’s – The Ceramic Teakettle

The Ceramic Teakettle‘The Ceramic Teakettle’
11″x14″ Unframed Oil on extra-deep canvas
– by Cheryl Peddie – $220 –

This painting is available for sale for the month of Aug, 2013 at:
Euphoria Café, Calgary AB
5403 Crowchild Trail NW

New! I can also now accept credit card over the phone. And as always, cheques & cash.
Contact me directly at (403) 270-9755 or Thank you!

I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

This is another vignette I painted from my visit to Gratitude Café in Calgary. It was an interesting piece to watch develop. When I began it I had high hopes – lots of volume in the teapot and I was happy with the shape of it. However something derailed part way through, and the chances of it turning into one of my four-sided frisbees threatened for most of the afternoon. Finally, after suppertime passed I finally sat down with it and said to myself “Okay, let’s wreck it.”. Granted this is a weird thing to say. But oddly I’ve made this decision so many times in the past while painting. And the mindset it provides me with after saying it creates something of a miracle each and every time. I think that it allows me to finally let go of my expectations of it. And of myself. To admit to myself that yah, this ain’t going well. And if it gets ruined, I’ll even welcome it. After all it’s just one more learning experience. It doesn’t mean I’m a lousy artist. Doesn’t mean I’m wasting my time or that I’ll become the laughing-stock of all my artsy friends. The end of the story is that it didn’t get ruined at all. I’m delighted with how it turned out, and happy to have another painting to add to this month’s stash. Thanks for reading. Cheryl.

Please note that this piece will require approx 3-4 weeks after creation and prior to shipping, to allow paint to dry and cure. Thank you!

Cowboy Blues


Cowboy Blues – 11″x14″ Oil on Canvas – SOLD
by Cheryl Peddie

I painted ‘Cowboy Blues’ as a demonstration at Galleria in Inglewood, back in December. This is actually from a picture I took at Gratitude Cafe, in Kensington from the fall. It’s a great little restaurant, filled with lots of unusual trinkets, books, and displays. This coat rack was loaded down with bags, wraps and this awesome hat. The sun was hitting it just right; my perfect subject matter for a painting. If you’ve not been to Gratitude, you’re missing out. Now I’m no vegetarian, but I still found lots to love on their all-veggie menu. I sat for quite some time, just taking in the atmosphere and watching the bikes and shoppers go by. Thanks for reading. Cheryl.

Feb & March Workshop Dates are Set

I’m excited to announce two more painting workshops set for this winter & spring. I’d love for you to join me:

RedUmbrellas-webTues, Feb 26 – 6-9pm: Streetscapes
Most folks love streetscapes. But many are apprehensive to try painting them because of all that detail! We’ll explore ways to simplify them and still create pleasing compositions. Hint: It doesn’t always involve those teensy tinsy brushes!


Wed, Mar 20 – 6-9pm: Unfussy Florals & Foliage
Just in time for the first day of spring! Florals and foliage can easily become stiff, and lose their sense of natural liveliness. We’ll work on ways to depict the delicate freshness of the blooms, while balancing it with their fullness and volume.

Price per workshop: $35 plus GST
What to bring: pencils & sketchbook; art supplies; photo references or any still life objects you’d like to paint from
Located at: Atlantis Framing – 4515 Manhattan Rd SE, Calgary
To register or for more info: Call Atlantis Framing at 403-258-0075 or me, Cheryl Peddie, at 403-270-9755

Thanks so much for reading – you all are yet another reason why I paint. Best, Cheryl.

Upcoming workshops

January workshopsWinter workshops begin! I still have some spaces open in my Interiors & Still Life workshop tonight. But if you miss it, there’s another one on Thurs Jan 31. We had a ball at my last one in November. Located at: Atlantis Fine Framing Studio – 4515 Manhattan Road SE. To register please call 403-258-0075. Hope to see you there. Thanks for reading. Cheryl.

It’s ‘officially’ official

‘A Chair in the Sun’ – 22″x28″ Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

WOOT! It’s official! I’m teaching art classes this fall at Atlantis Fine Framing Studio in SE Calgary!

It will be a weekly introductory painting class for adult beginners, with a focus on acrylics, oils & drawing. It’s a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where everyone gets to work at their own pace, on their own projects.

My classes will be starting Sept 12 – running weekly on Wed afternoons from 1-4pm. $100 + GST per month. Plus Atlantis has free parking & wheelchair access. For more details about Atlantis:; To register for a class & discover your creative side please give the wonderful folks at Atlantis a call – 403-258-0075.

I’ll be doing free painting demonstrations at Atlantis prior to that. So if you’d like to see me paint and get to know me a little be sure to stop by to watch a demo. I’ll be posting details about the demos as they firm up. There’s also a wide variety of other teachers and art that will be taught there in the fall, so attending a demo is the perfect way to dip your toe into creativity before you decide what type of class you’d like to take. (I’m also interested in expressive art, and will be looking into doing workshops on that in the near future.)

I’ve known the owner of Atlantis, Ken Bourassa for years – he and his top-notch team has done my framing ever since I began painting. They’re a group of genuine, creative folks to deal with and I’m looking forward to working with them. Thanks so much Ken!

Simple Comforts

‘Simple Comforts’
9″x9″ Unframed Oil on Canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

‘Simple Comforts’ is the second painting of my new ‘In the Bath’ series. While creating this piece I was reflecting on challenges. I’ve noticed in my life, that just the way I’ve thought about some problems, has often caused me even more problems. I think folks often respond to problems in a few classic ways.

I’ve been a ‘judger’. I told myself that I ‘shouldn’t’ feel bad about this problem because ‘other people had it worse’. (You can also tell you’re judging yourself when you think that the problem happened because you were too lazy/uninspired/dull-witted – you name it – to prevent it from happening in the first place.) And therefore… as the often-unconscious reasoning went… I ‘deserved’ the problem. So again, I told myself ‘shouldn’t’ feel badly about it. I’ve also been a ‘blamer’ – with knee-jerk reactions that this must have been someone’s ‘fault’. Now, I’m a ‘self-blamer’ so usually my target was ‘me’. But blame can also be directed outwards – at people, at situations. And I’ll fess up… I’ve been guilty of that too. The thing is, approaching my challenges in those ways not only make me feel worse, it never actually helped me solve the problem.

But I also noticed what has happened when I redirected my focus. Rather than looking directly at the problem and wracking my brain for ‘why’ it happened (which never ended well), I instead looked at myself and thought about how I felt because the problem simply existed. No judgement about how I should have felt. Or why the situation arose in the first place.

And it was that ever-so-subtle shift in consciousness that radically changed my response. I could finally feel compassion for myself. When I was in that safe place, I could then do kind things for myself – like enjoy a lovely bath, pretty lotions and candles – to soothe the hurt and the stress. What was key here, was that although the problem still existed, I felt better.

Then, what also intrigued me, was that once I was feeling more comforted, I could then access a richer variety of creative ways to solve my problem. I had a direction. I had options. I wasn’t ‘stuck’ anymore. Not only was it freeing, it also made me feel proud of myself and more self-confident.

I think this is why it’s so important to have things in our lives that brings us comfort. Doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive – even some nice lotion and a pretty candle will do. Hopefully as with my experience, it might put you in touch with that soothing place of self-compassion; and then into the richness of your own creativity and problem-solving abilities. Thanks so much for reading.

On my Easel Today

This little piece (9″x9″) is so new it doesn’t even have a name yet. I’m continuing to venture outside of my kitchen… and into my bathroom. This is a little scene on the back of my – er – toilet tank. I was aiming to allow the softer colors to come through again, but I see those brights keep creeping back in! It’s often hard to know when one should venture completely out of the comfort zone; or allow part of yourself to remain there – just dipping a toe into chilly new waters every now and again. Will keep working on it today and post when it’s all finished. Thanks for reading.

Fresh off the Easel

‘Memories to Keep’ 36″ w x 24″ h
Original oil on gallery wrapped canvas
by Cheryl Peddie – NOT FOR SALE

(The perspective is a little off, so had to leave a bit of the wall behind my easel in!) Had a tough time naming this one. This piece is of a desk in my parents’ home. The little zippered case to the left of the lamp is actually my Dad’s old grooming bag. Dad passed away last fall, but he left us many treasured memories of his life and love for us all.