6"x6" Oil painting - 'Life is a Journey'



6"x6" Oil painting - 'Sunshine'
‘Sunshine’ – 6″x6″ oil
6"x6" Oil painting - 'Life is a Journey'
Life is a Journey – 6″x6″
oil painting of a woman chopping garlic
Chopping Garlic – 6″x8″
Painting: Chimenea - 4"x4"
The Chimenea – 4″x4″
oil painting
Gone Shoppping – 6″x8″

I’m delighted that I was accepted into a new gallery this month. Evanescence Gallery, in High River, is now representing my work. Owner Arlene Westen is an amazing person to speak with and learn from about art. Arlene carries a gorgeous collection of artwork, including works by Don Hamm, Pam Weber, and a host of other talented artists. Still can’t believe I get to share walls with them… thank you again Arlene!

By the way, I’d recommend a trip down to High River any day, to visit the gallery, do some shopping, have lunch and enjoy the warmth of the community members. The weekend after Arlene accepted my work, my husband and I drove down to High River for lunch and to visit Evanescence. Arlene recommended we stop at Alta Vita restaurant and oh my gosh… my spaghetti and meatballs were scrumptious.

I’m looking forward to spending many summer days painting on location in High River and doing painting demonstrations at Evanescence. Be sure to visit here, and the Evanescence Gallery website for upcoming events.

So, in reflection of the wonderful chats I’ve had with Arlene and with anticipation of many wonderful new experiences to come, my new paintings above convey ‘community’. A couple of these will be at Evanescence some time soon. Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks again for reading,

Cheryl Peddie

PS – Please join me in bringing your support (and spending money!) down to High River – it’s a treasure trove of yummy finds and they deserve all the support we can give.

Hope in Bloom

oil painting of lilac blossoms
‘Hope in Bloom’ – 8″x10″ oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie

Hope in Bloom
8″x10″ oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

‘Hope in Bloom’ began as a painting of the blossoms on the Schubert Cherry tree in our back yard. I was up early one morning and caught them, just as the sun was beginning to rise. I’m a nut for purples and blues though, so the white cherry blooms morphed into purple lilacs!

The final result is a little more abstracted than I expected, but that’s okay with me. I like the way the light is flickering through, giving the petals the illusion of movement. The roof of our neighbors across the back lane is visible in the background – I made it a little darker than it appeared to allow the paler colors to take center stage.

Day 17 – Painting for Parkinson’s – On the Banks of Fish Creek

OntheBanksofFishCreek-9260-web‘On the Banks of Fish Creek’
The Bow River, running through Fish Creek Park, Calgary AB
11″x14″ oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

This painting has SOLD!!

New! I can also now accept credit card over the phone. And as always, cheques & cash.
Contact me directly at (403) 201-6532 or cheryl@emergecreative.ca Thank you!

I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

I had lots of fun depicting the warm summer sunshine and cool blue shadows in ‘On the Banks of Fish Creek’. I’d actually started this one some time ago, and had tossed it aside to the ‘potential frisbee’ pile until today.

It’s easy to be hard on ourselves when the things we create don’t appear right away, to look the way we think they ‘should’. As a result, it’s easy to end up believing our work isn’t ‘good enough’, and should therefore be thrown away or at least hidden from view of others.

I believe it’s much more helpful to look at our work in parts. I am trying to help my beginning art students learn this too. We must ask ourselves first – what parts of this am I happy with? How am I feeling about this part of my work? That part? This way it enables us to connect with what we love about our work, even when there’s things that don’t appeal to us in the moment. It also enables us to see that little mistakes here and there do not negate the value of the entire work. Even when there are mistakes, it’s so important to still be able to see what you love about your own work.

So I’m glad I pulled ‘On the Banks of Fish Creek’ out of the frisbee pile. (I’m actually really glad I had actually left it in the pile. And that it didn’t have the same demise that many others on the same pile have had) All it needed was a touch more work, and it turned into a piece I am proud of. I’m proud of me too, for picking my self-belief up off the floor and continuing on.

Thanks all for continuing to follow my journey. Cheryl. (PS – In case others here are Laura Ingalls Wilder fans like I am, yes I named this piece in honour of her work!)

Below: Two details of ‘On the Banks of Fish Creek’ so you can see the brush work…

OntheBanksofFishCreek-detail-web OntheBanksofFishCreek-detail2

*Please note that as I create my paintings in oil, they require about 3-4 weeks to properly
dry and cure before I can safely deliver them. Thanks so much for your understanding!

Day 3 – Painting for Parkinson’s – ‘The Latin Corner’

TheLatinCorner-web‘The Latin Corner’ – 8″x10″ Oil on Canvas; Unframed
– by Cheryl Peddie –

This painting has SOLD!

New! I can also now accept credit card over the phone. And as always, cheques & cash.
Contact me directly at (403) 270-9755 or cheryl@emergecreative.ca Thank you!

I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

Phew! Finally done. And loving the end result of this little piece. The Latin Corner was a little pub/restaurant (?) that used to ‘live’ on 4th Street SW in Calgary. I used to work in that neighborhood ‘in the day’, and I’d often walk up and down 4th because of the great restaurants and cute shops. I loved the awning on this building and the red facade. One thing made me laugh as I was painting this piece – some how I seem to have uncovered this bizarre skill for painting cars. The car in this photo is only the second one I’ve done. The first was in my Day 1 piece, ‘With Gratitude’. I’d thought that one was a fluke, but given I did it again I’ll take claim of in being a bona fide skill. Huzzah! Thanks for reading – you all are yet another reason why I love to paint. Cheryl.

Please note that this piece will require approx 3-4 weeks after creation and prior to shipping, to allow paint to dry and cure. Thank you!

Day 2-1/2 – Camera Shy


Day 2-1/2 – I’m Painting for Parkinson’s. Just putting the finishing touches on my Day 3 painting this morning. I almost got it finished in the workshop I taught on painting streetscapes last night, but not quite! So it’s not quite ready for it’s glamour photos yet. Please visit again later in the day for it’s unveiling! Hint! It was a restaurant that used to be on 4th Street SW, with a big blue awning. Thanks so much for reading. Cheryl

Day 1 – With Gratitude – Painting for Parkinson’s

With Gratitude - Painting for Parkinson's by Cheryl Peddie

‘With Gratitude’ – 8″x10″ Oil on Canvas
by Cheryl Peddie
I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

This painting has SOLD!!

New! I can also now accept credit card over the phone. And as always, cheques & cash.
Contact me directly at (403) 270-9755 or cheryl@emergecreative.ca Thank you!

Today was the day. The first day of my ‘Painting for Parkinsons’s project. I will be creating one painting per day for the next four weeks, and donating 50% of my sales to Parkinson Alberta Society.

This was my view out Gratitude Café in Kensinton, while I was eating lunch there late last fall. Choosing this piece seemed fitting for this day, because as I look back I can see how many kind folks there have been, supporting my painting and art career along the way. So, I hope this project will allow me to pay that support forward to other families who are struggling with Parkinson’s.

This one’s for you Dad. Love you lots, and blowing you kisses all the way up to heaven. All my love, Cheryl.

Please note: Painting will require 3 weeks after creation and prior to shipping, to allow oil paint time to dry and cure! Thank you!

Feb & March Workshop Dates are Set

I’m excited to announce two more painting workshops set for this winter & spring. I’d love for you to join me:

RedUmbrellas-webTues, Feb 26 – 6-9pm: Streetscapes
Most folks love streetscapes. But many are apprehensive to try painting them because of all that detail! We’ll explore ways to simplify them and still create pleasing compositions. Hint: It doesn’t always involve those teensy tinsy brushes!


Wed, Mar 20 – 6-9pm: Unfussy Florals & Foliage
Just in time for the first day of spring! Florals and foliage can easily become stiff, and lose their sense of natural liveliness. We’ll work on ways to depict the delicate freshness of the blooms, while balancing it with their fullness and volume.

Price per workshop: $35 plus GST
What to bring: pencils & sketchbook; art supplies; photo references or any still life objects you’d like to paint from
Located at: Atlantis Framing – 4515 Manhattan Rd SE, Calgary
To register or for more info: Call Atlantis Framing at 403-258-0075 or me, Cheryl Peddie, at 403-270-9755

Thanks so much for reading – you all are yet another reason why I paint. Best, Cheryl.

Destination: Home & Design Show

‘Ouzo Greek Taverna’
7″x9″ Oil on Canvas – Framed
by Cheryl Peddie
To purchase please call Galleria in Inglewood
(403) 270-3612

I’m packing up my gear and getting ready to move into my booth at the Calgary Home & Design Show for the next 4 days! I’ll have a variety of my new artwork available for purchase, including ‘Ouzo Greek Taverna’, the painting above. I’m proud to have created this painting, as this little gem of a restaurant closed a while back. It’s good to know I’ve captured a little piece of the history of 4th Street in downtown Calgary.

Come by and join me at the show – I’ll be in booth 512, just across from the ‘M(Art)ket’. We’re in Hall C of the BMO centre on the Stampede grounds.

Show hours are: Thurs Sept 20: 4:00pm – 9:00pm • Fri Sept 21: 12:00pm – 9:00pm • Sat Sept 22: 10:00am – 9:00pm • Sun Sept 23: 10:00am – 6:00pm. For more show details visit calgaryhds.com/CHDS/ShowInformation/189.aspx.

Hope to see you there!

Autumn Art Shows Begin!

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to be part of this summer’s last ‘Canadian Artists for the Poor’ show and sale along Stephen Ave in downtown Calgary. The skies were clear and sunny but the fall chill made a warm cup of coffee a must! Still, we enjoyed a great turnout.

I brought my easel for the day and painted a small landscape. Even though I was still painting from a photo, I was surprised to see how clean my colors turned out. I believe it was because I was painting in natural light, rather than room lighting.

For these independent art shows, I’ve collected a variety of telescoping metal easels. They’re lightweight, and collapse down small enough they just tuck away into a corner of my trunk. Easy-peasy! And the best thing about them is that I can rearrange my space in a heartbeat. This was my morning setup (above). Once the light got high enough to reach over the buildings, I switched things around to catch the great afternoon light (below):

Thanks so much to ‘Canadian Artists for the Poor’ and Julie Chandler, for hosting such a great event. For more info about their charity and endeavors, please visit: www.artistsforthepoor.ca. It’s fulfilling to be able to share my work with the public, while supporting a worthwhile cause at the same time.

If you’d like to see more of my work in person, join me at one of my art shows and painting demonstrations still coming up. Please visit my ‘Upcoming Events’ page for more details. cherylpeddie.ca/upcoming-shows. Have a particular image in mind you’d like to see as a painting? Commissions are always welcome.

The Boys are Back in Town

‘The Boys are Back in Town’
by Cheryl Peddie – 9″x9″ oil on stretched canvas – unframed.
• $365 Framed •
Please call Galleria in Inglewood to Purchase: (403) 270-3612

For the month of March, I am donating 50% of my proceeds from all my sales towards Parkinson Alberta Society!

Caught this group of guys heading down 17th Ave one afternoon. Reminded me of all those family holidays where my brother, brother-in-laws, and Dad would end up watching TV, playing with my brother’s iPad, and getting caught up over a beer. Not really talking about anything in particular. Just hanging out together in that easy way that guys do. If you’d like to take this one home, pop me an email – cherylatemergecreative.ca. (Substitute a @ for the ‘at’… just stopping any spam there)