Through the Forest and the Trees

Grove of birch trees in fall
Through the Forest and the Trees

‘Through the Forest and the Trees’
16″x20″ Oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie. SOLD

This one brings a smile to my face because it is the product of some good-natured teasing by my framer. After doing a beautiful framing job on my last art show, Lead Designer (aka ‘The Framing Goddess’) Melanie Figueroa with Atlantis Fine Framing & Art Studio commented that all the pieces I’d done for this show, were either horizontals, or squares. There wasn’t a single vertically-oriented painting in the bunch!

I promptly got out a new canvas and painted this piece, to begin balancing things out!

Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me that you’re here.

Art Show & Sale at The Bee’s Knees Cafe

Cheryl Peddie art show, The Bee's Knees Cafe
Paintings by Cheryl Peddie at The Bee’s Knees Cafe
At left: ‘In the Smallest of Places’. At right ‘Looking West – Rocky View County’ at the Bee’s Knees Cafe.
‘Tulips’ and ‘Vales Greenhouse – Pink Blossoms’ at the Bee’s Knees Cafe
That’s me on Saturday, at the Bee’s Knees Cafe. My husband and I just finished hanging my work, and we were enjoying a cup of their yummy coffee.

I’m so pleased to have my work up at the Bee’s Knees Cafe for the next month. Thanks to co-owners Jessica and Barbara, and all the team there, for the opportunity. All my work there is for sale – all you have to do is give me a call and you can purchase your favorite painting over the phone. I take cheques, MC, & Visa. Stop by for a coffee and lunch and/or dessert. Their food is unbelievably delicious. Visit them on Facebook at:

The Bee’s Knees Cafe
220, 412 Pine Creek Road
Calgary, AB
(Near De Winton)

Thanks for reading; and check back soon – I’ll be giving painting demonstrations there this month – dates to be announced.
All my best, Cheryl.

‘Evelyn’s Again’ Coffeebar in Banff

My ‘In the Kitchen’ paintings continue their ‘tour’, this month at Evelyn’s Again in Banff. Delighted my paintings will be calling this quaint and friendly cafe ‘home’ for the month of October. And I can personally vouch for an all-star ‘delicious’ rating for their chocolate cake! Between that, my soy cocoa and a panini, I was recharged for my drive back to Calgary.





oil painting of pond

24″x36″ oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie
Early Fall Scene near Highway 22 South, headed towards Turner Valley Alberta.
Foothills in the background.

To view or purchase please contact me directly
Cheryl Peddie – 403-201-6532

Loved painting this piece… was in my zone the whole time. Rats though, that my camera made the
reflections look like they’re at an angle. Still learning how to photograph my larger pieces, to minimize
this dreaded ‘fish eye’ effect. Still, really pleased with this piece – one of my favorites I’ve done in a while.

Floral Workshop – Sept 28th 2013

Flax flowers
In the Smallest of Places (Flax flowers) – 24″x36″ Framed Oil on Canvas $1200 – To view & purchase call Cochrane Arts Central at (403) 932-3773

Fresh Floral Workshop
Sat Sept 28 – 10am-4pm – $100
Located at: Atlantis Fine Framing Studios
4515 Manhattan Rd. SE
Calgary, AB T2G 4B3

To register or for more information, please call Cheryl at 403-201-6532.

I’m hanging onto summer for all it’s worth, by teaching a workshop on painting fresh florals in oil & acrylics! And I’ll be bringing in fresh flowers for everyone to paint from! The day will be a mix of learning by watching my demos, doing quick and easy exercises, and painting from your own floral bouquet. (You’re also welcome to paint from your own reference photo.) We’ll be talking about how to use color temperature, value, saturation, edge, volume and shape to create beautiful, fresh floral paintings. I’ll supply one canvas, but you’ll definitely want to bring in a couple more so you can get the most out of class.

This will be a small class, to ensure lots of one-on-one instruction time and relaxed atmosphere. Maximum number of students is 8. A supply list is available – I’ll email it to you upon registration. We’ll learn lots and have a great time doing it.

Coffee, tea and ‘painting cookies’ will be provided. Please either bring your own lunch, or aim to pick up a sandwich – Tim Horton’s is a short drive down the road. To register, please call me at 403-201-6532. Cash, Cheque, MC and Visa welcome. I hope you can join us, and help us hang onto summer for one more weekend!

Hittin’ the Highway – Fall Art Classes in Cochrane!

Plein Air Landscape
Morning at Ghost River – Plein Air – 8″x10″ Framed oil on Gessoboard. $295. To purchase call Cochrane Arts Central – (403) 932-3773

I’m delighted to announce that I’m joining the team of talented teachers at Cochrane Arts Central this fall! First classes began yesterday – what a great group of creative students we have! Everyone was willing to try out new ideas and got lots of fun paintings done! And thanks so much to everyone there for making me feel so welcome! I’m teaching two weekly classes there: Tues afternoon 1-4pm, and Tues evening from 7-9:30. If you’d like to join us, please call Marla or Tanya at 403-932-3773.

I was first introduced to the Cochrane Arts Central team on Aug 25, at the 1st Annual Plein Air Challenge at ‘The Crossing at Ghost River’. The Crossing is a stunning corporate and event center, nestled into the glorious landscape northwest of Cochrane. I felt instantly at home amongst the warm camaraderie of the other artists and our hosts, not to mention the chipmunks and birds. Much to my delight, Marla Blackwell, owner of Cochrane Arts Central and I were both awarded with prizes in the competition. Marla and I received 2nd & 3rd places respectively in the Professional Category!

Our paintings from the competition will both be available for purchase at Cochrane Arts Central’s Gallery Grand Opening this coming Sunday, Sept 15 from 12-4pm. I’m looking forward to being there. The Gallery artists will be in attendance – hope you can join us and celebrate this wonderful center for artists in Cochrane.

Thanks so much for continuing to join me on my artistic journey. Best, Cheryl.


Awakening - floral painting

6″x8″ oil painting on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

Walking through Fish Creek Park late one spring, I found these crocuses, still blooming. They’re so small delicately purple, they can be easily missed unless you are watching for them. I like that – they’re kind of like a little reward for the effort of having patience, treading carefully and taking your time.

In the Pink

In the Pink - 6"x8" oil on canvas
In the Pink – 6″x8″ oil on canvas

I believe that this is my favorite piece I’ve done in a long time. I love that I finally figured out a way to paint geranium leaves in a loose, colorful way. I always puzzled over how to convey their frilly and ruffled, yet substantial nature. I painted this small, 6″x8″ piece as a way to unwind after working on a larger canvas all day.

It felt so refreshing to just watch and feel my hands and body moving, pulling all sorts of fresh colors together. I love the blues, purples and hot pinks. And I love that i just let most of the brush strokes lay where they were. At first I thought they needed more; that they seemed just scribbled and unfinished. But I realized that they were deliciously, perfectly whole, just as they were.

I consciously resisted adding any more to them, and was thankful I stopped. I reveled in this self-acceptance. It was one of those times when I glimpsed my own knowledge and value. And all because I chose to trust in my own intuitive ability. This one’s gong to stay in my collection.

Thanks so much for reading. Cheryl.


Blossoms oil painting

12″ x 12″ oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

‘Blossoms’ was a good lesson for me in judgement. Or, make that – a lesson for me in NON-judgement. I began this piece as a demonstration at Galleria in Inglewood – the gallery that represents me. I’d originally planned to do a more detailed still life of books and mugs on a shelf. It was a gorgeous summer day though; the gallery was playing awesome music and I just felt like painting from my shoulder. Maybe other artists know what I mean? Just splashing the paint on the canvas, Letting loose and piling on the pretty colors. ‘Blossoms’ was the result.

Trouble was, that the next day I looked over my canvas and thought ‘WTH IS this mess?!!’. Sure it was fun, but… this piece was so flat, wasn’t it? The flowers looking up at me had no depth; they were a mishmash without a light and shadow pattern I usually strive for.

So I went into it, and yet again, let loose. I did fix up some of the blooms that I hadn’t yet gotten to. Adjusted some of the temperatures and values. Added a couple petals flowing off the canvas. It was fun. By then I had so much oil on the canvas that I really couldn’t add any more without making mud.

When I stepped back to look at it I still couldn’t quite decide how happy I was with it. I mean, there was no perspective, still very limited depth, and still no firmly established light and shadow pattern. And yet…

It’s pretty. I love the blues, purples, and pinky-corals. And my kind friends and acquaintances on my Facebook page seemed to really like it. But it was still unsettling. I mean, creating it wasn’t that HARD. I felt like I was cheating. Shouldn’t something I’m charging money for require more justification and evidence of my artistic skill? Surely something that was this fun to create couldn’t possibly be in the same ‘league’ as my more detailed urban scenes, for example.

I wish I could say I had some sort of revelation at this point. That I realized I don’t have to exhaust myself or analyze a canvas to death, to make it valuable. I guess I still enjoy the detailed pieces too – just in a different way. And maybe there’s room for both – I could bring a little more ‘fun and loose’ into even my more intricately composed pieces. I like the idea of that, because work and life really shouldn’t HAVE to be so hard, to be of value.

But, it’s 9:00 now and time to open up my studio for the day, and begin again.

Thanks for reading; all my best. Cheryl.

Red, Yellow, Pepper, Blue

Pepper and fruit in a bowl
Red, Yellow, Pepper, Blue – 11″x14″ oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie

Red, Yellow, Pepper, Blue
11″x14″ oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

This painting started off as a demonstration at an art workshop I held, in February of this year. I can’t believe it took me until this month to finish! Occasionally, that’s the way paintings go. And that’s ok. Sometimes, there’s a particular challenge within the image that our skill sets aren’t quite ready to master; or, that our confidence isn’t ready to tackle. It’s often a good thing to let a painting ‘rest’ for a time, in situations like this. I’ve tried persevering and pushing through when faced with this dilemma in the past. I’ve never been satisfied with the results though.

With this painting, the challenge I saw once I came back to it yesterday, was that I had the blue bowl pretty much centered on the canvas. I hadn’t noticed that when I’d started it; that was likely why I’d struggled with finishing it. I’d needed to have enough time and distance from it, to notice what was wrong. Once I realized it yesterday though, it was a relatively easy fix. I added the scattered blueberries on the bottom right, extra fruit on the top left, and finally, and a handle for the bowl in the top right. (Blueberries are a blast to paint!)

The extra blue in the blueberries, and the addition of extra elements in the top left corner allowed the composition to spread diagonally a little more; taking attention away from the fact that the bowl still is centered on the canvas. There’s always a solution to every problem we encounter in our paintings. The trick is waiting for it to reveal itself to us!

Thanks for reading. All my best, Cheryl.