Cascade Ponds and Mount Rundle

November Plein Air Excursion, Part 2

After my day painting at Lake Louise, I stayed in Field BC overnight. Field is a lovely town – very small so there’s not many amenities like grocers. But stunning views all around. If you can go, be sure to check out ‘Truffle Pigs – a great little eatery and lodge. I had a soul-satisfying burger and fries – just what I needed after a chilly day outside painting. Reasonable prices, cozy atmosphere, and hilarious pig mobiles hanging from the ceiling.

I stayed at the Wildflower Guesthouse – one of the towns many B&Bs. After my day I was delighted to cozy up to their gas fireplace! I even slept right their on the couch so I could watch the flames as I fell asleep. In the morning I was disappointed to see that the previous day’s wind brought some unruly weather. The mountains were socked in with clouds. I am more inspired by the interplay of sunlight and shadow, so I went in search of clearer skies. En route I was delighted to see the sun, finally beginning to stream out from behind the clouds.

Somewhere along Highway 1, heading to Banff. The sun beginning to win out over the clouds!

What a sight! There I was, on the side of the #1, shooting photos out my window with semis and cars blowing by me on the highway. I couldn’t imagine why others weren’t stopped with me, watching the amazing show nature was providing!

By the time I reached Banff, the sun had finally begun winning out over the clouds. So I decided to set up at Vermillion Lakes. The sunbeams streaming through onto the side of Mount Rundle and across the lake was irresistible. Like many plein air painters, I adore backlighting. It was tricky and cold, but SO worthwhile.

Finally! The sun beginning to make an appearance over Vermillion Lakes

Here’s my setup from the morning… I nearly got blown over from the wind! Thank goodness for the tree cover along the road. I had a stellar view of Mount Rundle!

Trying not to get blown over while painting Mount Rundle

As the day progressed I headed to Cascade Ponds. I’ve been at this spot during the summer, and it is lovely. But I was amazed to see it’s colours during the winter. The ice had begun to form on the ponds, so they were a glowing mixture of turquoise, greens and purples. What a challenge it was to capture in paint! The fresh snow provided the perfect backdrop. It was a beautiful spot to watch the later afternoon sun begin its descent towards the mountains.

First painting at Cascade Ponds – mesmerized by the colours in the ice and water!

Looking south… it was hard to pay attention to what I was doing on my canvas, with such a beautiful show from Mother Nature all around me!

Thanks so much for reading. In my next post, I’ll be sharing my work and images from my December hike in Kananaskis. Would you like to learn to paint the mountains? Please follow me – I’ll be posting details about my upcoming painting workshops soon.

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