Winter People

Our mild Alberta winter, and stunning mountain snow has turned me into that a rare creature – a winter person. I’ve become ‘that’ friend who pesters her other friends constantly to come painting with her in the snow. I get turned down… a lot!

One of my recent winter painting excursions was to Lake Louise in November. We’d recently received fresh snow so everything was under a blanket of clean frosty white. There was a brisk wind that made my fingers numb, but created magic along the mountain edges I was painting. The wind whisked the snow up and away from the shadowy peaks, turning it into a mist of golden orange once caught by the sunlight. What a day! 

I have a few paintings on the easel still, from this trip. My next blog post will feature images from the second day of this excursion – my day painting in Banff along Vermillion Lakes and at Cascade Ponds. Until then, please enjoy these images I captured at Lake Louise.

The exquisite Victoria Glacier, the view from the Fairmont Lake Louise. Early afternoon with the sun peeking through.
Got this little 6×8” study done before the wind got too wild and I had to find a warm coffee inside! I loved how it turned out, and was happy it sold within a few weeks after my trip.
It was mesmerizing watching the snow lift and dance off the edge of this cliff. The sunlight was so warm the mist looked gold and orange. Could barely tear myself away to go inside and warm up.
Mother Nature paints better than I, but I did my best!

I created two paintings from this trip so far; both have been purchased already. Stay tuned for new paintings of Lake Louise, coming soon.

‘Early Snow at Lake Louise’ 11×14 oil. Sold.
‘Glacier Glow’ 6×8 oil. Sold.

Cheryl Peddie

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7 thoughts on “Winter People

  1. How cool is that that you got to paint up close and personal with a glacier! It looks cold but like an amazing experience! Beautiful painting, by the way. I’ve becomeobsessed with painting mountains with snow on them. I love the contrast and the shapes made by the snow and the rocks.

  2. Dear Cheryl,
    You say, ”you did your best” … well it shows … you can f e e l the love pouring onto the canvas … amazing beauty caught by your Spirit!

  3. Whoa! These are stunning Cheryl. How fortunate am I to experience the majesty of our Canadian winter though the beauty of your work.

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