Je T’aime France

I just spent the two most glorious weeks ever, in France. I joined the ‘Monet Immersion’ artist’s retreat planned by the Colorado based company, ‘My Art Trip‘. It was a great choice. Owner Sue Ann Humm, and Instructor Susan Rubin were great hosts. Friendly and knowledgeable, these ladies had no end of interesting tours and day trips we could take, and offered us lots of flexibility for free time to paint also. I was traveling solo, and always felt relaxed, happy and safe. The other artists on the tour were a joy to meet and paint with; I’ll be keeping in touch with many of them.

We arrived and painted in Paris for three days, then for seven days in the little town of Giverny. Perhaps you haven’t heard of this town – many folks I told about my trip didn’t, either. So why did I choose it? Because it is the home of Claude Monet’s famous gardens. I could talk for days about all the beautiful colour, architecture, food, and new friends I met on my trip. However I’d prefer to share a few of the plein air paintings I created along the way – I think they say it better than I ever could.

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my work.

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8 thoughts on “Je T’aime France

  1. Oh Cheryl, each of these vignettes are so beautiful that even just looking at them makes me feel like I was there too. I wish I could have seen them last weekend-are you going to show them anywhere else or are you going to sell any of them? If you are going to sell them, I would like to speak for one!

    1. Hi Sandie, thanks so much for your kind comments! Sorry to say, that I’m not planning to sell these at the moment. I will be working from them this year to create a studio collection of larger works though, that will be available for purchase. I’d love to have a showing of them next year, perhaps. Which one had caught your eye?

  2. Formidable! Je suis très heureux que tu eusses un bon voyage. J’aime tes nouvelles peintures beaucoup. Elles sont magnifiques. Salut

    1. Thanks Blake! Unfortunately I don’t speak francais! If you’d kindly translate to English for me, I’d be happy to reply. Merci! 🇫🇷🙂🎨

  3. Dear Cheryl,
    You and your lovely paintings are SO inspiring! Very glad you took this trip and are sharing it with us through your paintings … they are divine inspiration indeed 🙂 Many many thanks !!

    1. Thanks so much, Bonnie! It’s been my pleasure! So delighted folks were interested enough to follow along. Merci!!

  4. Cheryl your work from your trip is very lovely. Will any of the works be up for sale? Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Hi Carol, thanks so much for the compliments and the enquiry. The pieces won’t be for sale at this time. I will be using them as inspiration and direction for a collection of larger, studio pieces I’ll be developing from the photos I took while on the trip. I’m hoping to have a showing of them ultimately. The studio pieces will indeed be for sale, and some of the sketches may be then, too. Thanks again!

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