I’ve grown more fascinated with creating street scenes this year. I love the variety and complexity of shapes, values, colors I can paint in them. Because of this, it’s almost like putting together a puzzle. I shift between long hours working at it, and periods where I need to just hang it on the wall and take a break from looking at it. Each time I return to it I can suddenly ‘see’ how to resolve little challenges and areas that I’d previously been unable to master. Please visit my ‘Urban & Rural Street Scenes’ page in my portfolio to view more of my new work in this genre: http://cherylpeddie.ca/portfolio/urban-rural-street-scenes/

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2 thoughts on “Opus

  1. Great attentions to details, Cheryl! I love the red traffic light stopping the shiny blue car so the pedestrian can cross. And I love all the signs and reflections in windows! Congrats!

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