Through the Forest and the Trees

Grove of birch trees in fall
Through the Forest and the Trees

‘Through the Forest and the Trees’
16″x20″ Oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie. SOLD

This one brings a smile to my face because it is the product of some good-natured teasing by my framer. After doing a beautiful framing job on my last art show, Lead Designer (aka ‘The Framing Goddess’) Melanie Figueroa with Atlantis Fine Framing & Art Studio commented that all the pieces I’d done for this show, were either horizontals, or squares. There wasn’t a single vertically-oriented painting in the bunch!

I promptly got out a new canvas and painted this piece, to begin balancing things out!

Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me that you’re here.

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4 thoughts on “Through the Forest and the Trees

  1. Wow Cheryl. I can’t believe how much this looks like our pathways at our property. there is a place where the pathway comes out of the trees and opens up into a timothy field that this could be a picture of. Love it.

    1. Thanks and hugs for visiting, and for your comments Cathy! You must be missing being out there with all this snow around us! Hope you get lots of relaxing time up there this year. 🙂

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