Red, Yellow, Pepper, Blue

Pepper and fruit in a bowl
Red, Yellow, Pepper, Blue – 11″x14″ oil on canvas by Cheryl Peddie

Red, Yellow, Pepper, Blue
11″x14″ oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

This painting started off as a demonstration at an art workshop I held, in February of this year. I can’t believe it took me until this month to finish! Occasionally, that’s the way paintings go. And that’s ok. Sometimes, there’s a particular challenge within the image that our skill sets aren’t quite ready to master; or, that our confidence isn’t ready to tackle. It’s often a good thing to let a painting ‘rest’ for a time, in situations like this. I’ve tried persevering and pushing through when faced with this dilemma in the past. I’ve never been satisfied with the results though.

With this painting, the challenge I saw once I came back to it yesterday, was that I had the blue bowl pretty much centered on the canvas. I hadn’t noticed that when I’d started it; that was likely why I’d struggled with finishing it. I’d needed to have enough time and distance from it, to notice what was wrong. Once I realized it yesterday though, it was a relatively easy fix. I added the scattered blueberries on the bottom right, extra fruit on the top left, and finally, and a handle for the bowl in the top right. (Blueberries are a blast to paint!)

The extra blue in the blueberries, and the addition of extra elements in the top left corner allowed the composition to spread diagonally a little more; taking attention away from the fact that the bowl still is centered on the canvas. There’s always a solution to every problem we encounter in our paintings. The trick is waiting for it to reveal itself to us!

Thanks for reading. All my best, Cheryl.

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