Day 17 – Painting for Parkinson’s – On the Banks of Fish Creek

OntheBanksofFishCreek-9260-web‘On the Banks of Fish Creek’
The Bow River, running through Fish Creek Park, Calgary AB
11″x14″ oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

This painting has SOLD!!

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I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

I had lots of fun depicting the warm summer sunshine and cool blue shadows in ‘On the Banks of Fish Creek’. I’d actually started this one some time ago, and had tossed it aside to the ‘potential frisbee’ pile until today.

It’s easy to be hard on ourselves when the things we create don’t appear right away, to look the way we think they ‘should’. As a result, it’s easy to end up believing our work isn’t ‘good enough’, and should therefore be thrown away or at least hidden from view of others.

I believe it’s much more helpful to look at our work in parts. I am trying to help my beginning art students learn this too. We must ask ourselves first – what parts of this am I happy with? How am I feeling about this part of my work? That part? This way it enables us to connect with what we love about our work, even when there’s things that don’t appeal to us in the moment. It also enables us to see that little mistakes here and there do not negate the value of the entire work. Even when there are mistakes, it’s so important to still be able to see what you love about your own work.

So I’m glad I pulled ‘On the Banks of Fish Creek’ out of the frisbee pile. (I’m actually really glad I had actually left it in the pile. And that it didn’t have the same demise that many others on the same pile have had) All it needed was a touch more work, and it turned into a piece I am proud of. I’m proud of me too, for picking my self-belief up off the floor and continuing on.

Thanks all for continuing to follow my journey. Cheryl. (PS – In case others here are Laura Ingalls Wilder fans like I am, yes I named this piece in honour of her work!)

Below: Two details of ‘On the Banks of Fish Creek’ so you can see the brush work…

OntheBanksofFishCreek-detail-web OntheBanksofFishCreek-detail2

*Please note that as I create my paintings in oil, they require about 3-4 weeks to properly
dry and cure before I can safely deliver them. Thanks so much for your understanding!

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