Day 14 – Painting for Parkinson’s – To Follow the Call of the Loon

CalloftheLoon_9239-web‘To Follow the Call of the Loon’
Canoes on the edge of Bowness Park in Calgary
8″x10″ unframed oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

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This painting almost didn’t happen. It was a day of changed plans, delays and frustration. I won’t go into the details, but the end result was that I didn’t get into my studio until after the supper hour. I felt irritated with myself for being so late with this one. But once I sat down at my easel, looking through treasured photos, I was so thankful to be home and back in my soothing painting environment. The day faded a bit as I got into my familiar, comforting rhythm of blending and applying paint to my canvas.

The photo I chose was this evening setting of a small dock and set of canoes in Bowness Park, here in Calgary. It actually reminded me of Dad, and one of the ways I believe he found rhythm and comfort in his life. Our family had a lovely little cabin at Anglin Lake in Saskatchewan. As it was just a three hour drive from Saskatoon we spent many summer weekends there when I was young.

I remember all the early mornings Dad took our ‘Alumacraft’ canoe and his camera gear, and headed down to the lake. He’d paddle and drift, allowing the morning light to set the stage for his photographs. He’d capture the lake at it’s most still, and the loons as they were waking up and calling to announce the arrival of morning. He noticed every little detail; the bits of sparkle on the water; all the foliage and forest around the lake that got set aglow by the sunrise. And the way he captured it all in his photographs made it seem even more magical.

So seeing these little canoes in my photo albums brought me back to those days. It made me think of how content Dad must have felt on his early-morning canoe rides. Savoring some time alone on the lake to bask in the quiet and the warmth of the sun; to listen to the ‘dip, dip, sploop’ rhythm of his oar as he made his way across the lake, following the call of the loon.

Please note that because this painting has been created in oil, it can take up to 3-4 weeks to dry and fully cure enough to safely deliver to you. Thanks so much for your understanding.

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