Day 13 – Painting for Parkinsons’s – Worth the Wait – Prairie Shimmer


‘Worth the Wait – Prairie Shimmer
“11”x14″ unframed oil on extra-deep canvas
By Cheryl Peddie

This Painting has SOLD!!!

New! I can also now accept credit card over the phone. And as always, cheques & cash. Contact me directly at (403) 270-9755 or Thank you!

I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

Well it’s been a day of adapting and patience. But also one of great rewards. Although I am not in Calgary for the weekend, I am still bound and determined to continue painting and posting. I packed up all my painting gear with great care (or so I though) and safely stowed it in the truck. Only to wake up this morning and realize I forgot to bring my turps and walnut oil (a painting ‘medium’. We finally found an art supply store so I was able to get painting later on in the morning. The painting went great. I had heaps of fun again incorporating my new ‘intuitive painting style into my more traditional landscapes. I even broke one of my primary rules … I used teensy brushes! What a delight rebellion can be! I used them in an almost calligraphic way allowing them to sweep and curl across the canvas. It was a pure joy.

Even after I completed the painting, more patience was required. I began learning how to post on WordPress with my iPad. I can tell you that posting without a proper keyboard and with a hotel Wifi connection that is sketchy and slow as molasses does not jive when one is trying to hurry. But I’m almost there. The only thing I couldn’t manage was creating a link to PayPal. So I hope requesting that if you’d like to buy ‘Worth the Wait’ you give me a call on the good old-fashioned telephone, will suffice!*

*Update – Am now happily back in my studio in Calgary, and have been able to set up my PayPal link. Thanks so much for your patience!

Despite the glitches today, painting this little piece really was worth the wait. I hope you’ll agree. Thanks for reading, Cheryl.

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