Day 12 – Painting for Parkinson’s – This Must be what God’s Garden Looks Like

ThisMustbewhatGodsGardenLooksLike_9199-web“This Must be what God’s Garden Looks Like” – SOLD!
(Autumn Evening – Glenbow Provincial Park)
11″x14″ Unframed oil on extra-deep canvas
by Cheryl Peddie

(Wow! That was a record! Thank you to U.M. for being such an early riser and supporting my project!!! Big hugs to you!)

I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

Timing is everything. I admit it… I started this painting a while ago. Just a basic start, mind you! And it certainly wasn’t heading in the direction I’d wanted. So as with many paintings, I set it aside and kept looking at it longingly. And wondering why the heck the light wasn’t looking warm enough, the path wasn’t looking flat and ‘light dappled’ enough. It had beautiful light patterns so I was darned if I was going to try and rush it and then wreck it.

WELL! Friend and fellow painter Belinda was right on the ball! After allowing myself to venture into intuitive painting, today I took the plunge to finish this piece. Zowie! I decided… well why CAN’T I use all these cool new colors I’ve been playing with? I want them EVERYWHERE in this painting! I want purples in my green grass and pink in my tree trunks! Why should I only allow myself to let loose when I’m doing an intuitive painting? Why can’t I let ‘er rip with one of my more traditional pieces too?

So I broke all my own rules. I used teeny brushes! I used little dabs of paint all over the place! I was a painting fool! It felt treeee-mendous!! The main things I kept in my mind was warm light; cooler shadows. And the rest of it was fair game. I painted with great gusto and totally revitalized the underpainting with a sense of luscious colors and glowing light! One of my favorites so far this year! Hope you agree!

Thanks so much for reading – you all are yet another reason why I continue to paint! Hugs! Cheryl.

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