Day 8 – Painting for Parkinson’s – They Spell it ‘Dubble’!


‘They Spell it ‘Dubble!’
14″x18″ Unframed Oil on Canvas
by Cheryl Peddie – $325 –

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I will be donating 50% of this painting’s sale price to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

Well who knew they spelled it ‘Dubble’? All hail Walter E Diemer, the accountant (just like my Dad was!) who invented Dubble Bubble! This still life made me remember the gumball and candy machines at Woolworth’s Department Store. Woolworth’s was in our Grosvenor Park Shopping Centre on 8th Street in Saskatoon. My brother and I would head there on foot with – oh – maybe $1.00 each. That would buy us a bag of chips (25¢ Hostess chips when it was still in the tinfoil-like pack), and an assortment of candies like Dubble Bubble, or a (glass) bottle of Crush soda. Those were the days.

But I found this cool gumball machine and still life at Gratitude Café in Kensington, when I was having lunch there last fall. I took many photos of the shop and tucked them away until I was ready for a painting challenge! I decided it would make a fine subject for the painting demonstration I did at Galleria in Inglewood, this last Saturday.

Now, anyone who’s bared their soul enough to paint in public knows that the most prudent subject matter for a painting demo is something that doesn’t require a lot of compositional concerns or complex shapes. Well this had both. But I threw caution to the wind and did it anyways! I’m shaking my head at this now, wondering where on earth I got the courage (naiviteé?) from! But we had a good crowd gathered as I chatted about my process, shared tips about painting in oils, and talked about all things creative. And I found out mid-painting, that what I thought was spelled ‘Double’, was indeed, actually written ‘Dubble’. (A mistake that I have learned since, is a common one!) It turned out to be a great afternoon, and I’m so happy (relieved!) with the final result.

Thanks to everyone at Galleria in Inglewood for your warm hospitality (as always!) and all the folks who turned out to watch me paint. Looking forward to next time; all my best, Cheryl.

Please note that this piece will require approx 3-4 weeks prior to shipping,
to allow paint to dry and cure. Thank you!

From Sun Feb 24 through Sat Mar 23, I will be creating one painting per day
and donating 50% of my sales to Parkinson Alberta Society.

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