I’m ‘Painting for Parkinson’s’


‘A Bright New Day’
24″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas
I am donating this painting to the Parkinson Alberta Society!

I’m so excited to announce my new spring project! I’m ‘Painting for Parkinson’s’ in honour of my Dad, who passed away from Parkinson’s in 2011. For the next four weeks, I’m creating one painting per day and will be selling them, with 50% of the proceeds going to the Parkinson Alberta Society. I’m just getting the details straightened away, with the much-appreciated help from Liz and Duane at the Parkinson’s Society office here in Calgary. So, please come back for more details as they progress. I’m getting things set up so folks can pay for their painting online or on the phone with a credit card etc.

Thanks so much for reading – you all are yet another reason why I continue to love painting. All my best, Cheryl.

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12 thoughts on “I’m ‘Painting for Parkinson’s’

    1. Hi Tanice, thanks so much for your compliments. Actually I’ve donated this painting to the Parkinson Alberta Society. They are deciding now how they will use the piece and will be letting me know. My hopes is that they will use it to raise additional funds for supporting families who are trying to cope with the stresses of Parkinson’s.

  1. Hello Cheryl
    I have found your wonderful art work and project purely by accident. In doing some research on Parkinsons disease for a class of students, you appeared! Since I am interested in Art as Therapy, you have especially inspired me. I had fleeting thoughts of doing an art project with my students and am now more motivated to try it. Your work is beautiful and you have created it from your heart. Many of our lives are affected by this destructive disease and I for one, thank you for sharing your talent to help bring awareness and find a cure.
    Sincerely, Barbara Payne

    1. Thank you SO much for your words Barbara – you’ve made my week! I’ve replied to you via email, I hope that’s ok. I’d love to be involved in your project in any way you think might be suitable. Warmest regards, Cheryl Peddie

    1. Good morning Ulla, and thank you SO much for your interest!! Which piece were you interested in, and what city/town/country do you live in?

      I live in Calgary, and so delivery many of my pieces to folks that live here. If that’s the case then you’re welcome to pay me with cheque, cash or credit card when I deliver it to you. Otherwise, you can purchase it directly through the paypal link on the post with the painting you’re interested in. Or, call me and I can put a credit card through for you on the phone.

  2. Oh Ulla, I’m so sorry! I am donating this piece to the Alberta Parkinson Society. Given the interest though, I’d be happy to consider having a limited edition series of giclées run. Would that be of interest to you?

  3. Hi again Ulla, yes, I am painting a series of paintings for sale, and donating 50% of my proceeds to the Parkinson’s Society. It’s just this one particular piece that I decided to donate to them, so they could use it for fundraising or however they wished. I’m so sorry for the confusion.

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