Renewal comes with 4 paws


I was pretty wrecked from a busy week the other afternoon. So, I thought I’d have a snuggle with my ever-snuggly Shih Tzu Emma (aka Emma Wigglewags). (That’s her above) So I was lying there trying to relax while giving Emma her requisite tummy-rub time. IMG_0435

But I began to get fidgety and anxious after a while because this wasn’t relaxing me at all. I was still thinking about work. I mean, I was loving our snuggle but I just couldn’t relax. But, somehow in that moment, something clicked in that I wasn’t paying any attention to how I was feeling. I was thinking about Emma, and enjoying our time together. But I wasn’t thinking about what this was doing for me even though I was doing it to try and relax. And then suddenly I realized that my feelings did matter right then. Not at the exclusion of hers of course. But I could pay attention to my own feelings at the same time as thinking about hers. It’s not a mutually exclusive kind of thing. My feelings mattered in that moment. And once that registered, I started to notice and allow myself to feel how comforting soft fur and her warm little tummy was, and how the smell of her freshly-bathed furriness felt so soothing; and that the sun felt good as we lay there snuggling.


At this point I’m sure lots of folks would probably think I’m navel-gazing. I also know I’m talking about my dog and me. (Oh that’s Tucker, our other little one, on the right above) But I think this applies to those of us without the advantage of four paws and a tail too. Hang in there with me…

Once I started allowing myself to lean into and embrace the importance of my own feelings – being comforted, soothed and warmed, it somehow filled me up with the renewal I was seeking. And without recognizing that, my lovely moment with Emma didn’t have a ‘snowball’s chance in …’ of changing my stressed out feeling.


And here’s the really intriguing thing. Once I was able to flow with it, I had twice the patience, twice the connection with her and was able to give her even more love than I thought I already was. So she ended up getting a super-duper tummy rub and ear scratch… she was in doggie paradise! Which made me feel even more relaxed and joyful than just noticing my feelings already made me! Again yes I know she’s a dog, but try it out with your own unfurry (or furry) loved ones. It’s a transformative kind of thing.

Thanks for reading everyone, take care. Cheryl

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