The Journey

‘The Journey’ (Studio version)
24″x36″ Framed oil on gallery-wrapped canvas
By Cheryl Peddie

You might recognize this image, as similar to the study I’d posted earlier this summer, under the title ‘10,000 Hours’. In fact it is similar – this is a ‘studio version’ of that small study. I loved the little piece so much that I decided to do this larger version so I could immerse myself in the scene one more time.

In my post for the study, I know I spoke about how the hours we put into whatever it is we love doing is an important factor of success. However, I missed an important element. I learned about that element this week from my ‘life coach’. (Ahh jeepers, let’s be real. She’s actually my therapist.) And the part of the equation that was still eluding me was ‘belief’.

Turns out if I don’t really believe I’m capable of achieving whatever it is I’m putting in all those hours at my easel… well I might as well have been playing tiddly winks. Further, if I don’t really believe that I’m creating something special... something only I can do and that others might want around them… I likely won’t be able to convey it to anyone. It’s not just about logging the hours in front of my easel. Because when it is, I usually just ended up standing back with my hands in my pockets and separating myself from it because I’m too too shy to own it. Too scared of speaking to how it is a unique part I love about myself and my life. ‘Aww… it’s just putting in the hours … anyone could have done the same thing…’ I’d mumble to myself; or, ‘It was just a fluke… I’ll never be able to pull this off again…’.

Rather, It’s about believing in and owning the magic and uniqueness of who I am, of the fact that I am an artist. It’s about believing that it’s worthy to be shared. Believing that I am worthy of sharing it and of believing in myself. And believing that if I share it, others might believe in it – and me – too. This is why I paint. Thanks for reading, Cheryl.

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4 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Love your paintings Cheryl, I met you briefly while taking my first oil class with Karen and I purchased one of your sketch books! I’m happy to See your work at art galleries in Calgary , thanks for sharing I do need to work on becoming more confident and to believe when someone is complimenting my work.

    1. Good morning Nora, and thank you so much for your compliments and your comment! I know just what you mean… the confidence to accept a compliment can be an elusive thing, can’t it?! I remember once at an art sale, our nephew and his wife were complimenting a watercolor I’d done. I (of course) wasn’t completely happy with the piece and started telling them how tough it was to paint… how I worried it was too ‘blah’ compared to some of my other pieces. It was quite the lesson when they turned to me and told me that they’d wanted to buy it! Didn’t I feel silly. Thank heavens for family. I do think that the more we hear compliments, the more able we are to tuck them in our back pocket, accept and own them (and really believe in them and ourselves!) Hope you keep painting… where can I see your artwork?

  2. I am considering taking one of your workshops, I’m trying to go back to classes since I have not been painting for a while, I may see you in the October workshop at Atlantis! Thanks

  3. I know how tough it can be to pick up the brushes after being away from it. If you decide to join us I’ll do my very best to make it an enjoyable experience for you. Would be lovely to see you there. Take care! 🙂

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