Spring Thaw Begins

‘Spring Thaw Begins’ 7″x9″
Oil on Canvas – unframed
by Cheryl Peddie • SOLD •

I don’t really know how I ended up painting a scene with snow in it today. Outside the thermometer’s reading 30°C. Maybe it was spending a tranquil half hour out on the deck this morning. It was both a typical morning in Calgary – chilly – and a non-typical morning – quiet. It’s always a good day when there’s a little fog overlying the city. Magically the fog hushes and soothes the busy sounds of the city. Traffic noises still and all we can hear are the birds. So there I sat, breathing in that beautiful, cool foothills air. It put me in mind of peaceful spaces and places I guess. So maybe not such a surprise that what ends up on my easel at the end of the day, is a scene of early spring on the prairies. Not so early that the air is hard and unforgiving, but not so late that all the snow has yet melted away. Just those perfectly unique days when the air smells like nothing other than spring on its way.

Update – NEW! To purchase this painting, please visit my dailypaintworks.com page. I’ll be showing and selling my (hopefully) daily painted small works there! There’s also a wonderful selection of other artwork and the prices are great. What I really like is that you can even purchase through paypal, so that makes things safe and easy. Thanks again! Cheryl

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