The Red Umbrellas

‘The Red Umbrellas’ 6″x8″
Along Orchard Street – Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Oil on canvas
by Cheryl Peddie SOLD

I’ve been in the rhythm of doing interiors on larger canvasses this spring. The larger canvasses have been new for me. I think it’s good for artists to work outside of their comfort zones – it’s a challenge and can enable us to expand our skills.

This week I was granted the support of some very wise teachers. From them I learned that although visits away from our comfort zones are helpful, it’s not a good thing to stay there too long. When that happens, sometimes you forget how to get back. Or worse, you forget where you came from in the first place. Stay outside your zone too long and you also might find yourself working too hard. What began as a journey of adventure becomes a stressful marathon along uncertain terrain. And suddenly you realize where you ended up, was never where you wanted to go in the first place.

I learned that it’s important to know who we really are as an artist, and what we really love to create. And for me, painting on small canvasses was how I began learning to paint. Giving myself permission to love just who I am, and the way I work is as freeing as it is welcoming. No big changes required. Perfect as-is. It’s like being given wings, and realizing the place I wanted to fly was to my home all along. I’ll be working on more smaller canvases this month in a variety of subject matter. Hope you continue to read and enjoy. Take care. Cheryl

Update – NEW! To purchase this painting, please visit my page. I’ll be showing and selling my (hopefully) daily painted small works there! There’s also a wonderful selection of other artwork and the prices are great. What I really like is that you can even purchase through paypal, so that makes things safe and easy. Thanks again! Cheryl

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