Mother’s Day Tribute to Moms Everywhere

For 15 years, I’ve designed all sorts of interesting projects for both companies and individuals. However, it’s been through my work designing and illustrating books, that I’ve gotten to know my clients the best. Writing and creating a book is a huge, heartfelt project for most folks. In helping them bring their vision to life, I learn more about their dreams, lives, and families, than with many other projects I’ve worked on. Dr. Melanie Beingessner (aka ‘Dr. Melanie Bee’) and her work has been no exception. Her dedication to her work and family, combined with her seemingly never-ending energy and positive outlook on life, makes Dr. Beingessner a unique professional. She able to problem-solve and create workable solutions for her clients, but she is also able to connect with and care for them in a way that only personal understanding and experience can provide.

In addition to being a mom to three great kids and a chiropractor, Dr. Beingessner specializes in working with pregnant and new mothers. Not only is she a Breastfeeding Counsellor and Certified Infant Massage Instructor, she is also is Co-founder of the ‘Becoming Parents’ Prenatal Program. You can learn more about her background and work at

I’ve had the priviledge of designing and illustrating two books for Dr. Beingessner now. Her newest book, Getting Ready for Baby is geared at helping pregnant moms, and moms-to-be. It is a 5-step guide to helping moms prepare for labour, birth and life as a family. This guide starts off helping the mom-to-be create a birth plan and select a health care team to support her choices for pregnancy, labour and birth. Then, a user-friendly planner section helps her track her body’s changes, plus prepare for appointments with caregivers and support professionals. Finally, the last three steps help her organize, prepare – emotionally, physically and spiritually – and plan ahead to make life easier during those energy-charged first weeks after baby is born.

The Calm Baby Cookbook, Dr. Beingessner’s first book, identifies that a baby who fusses, cries or displays other colicky symptoms is most likely reacting quite negatively to something that his or her mother is eating. If a breastfeeding mother can eliminate certain foods on a short-term basis, her baby will become calmer and more relaxed. In it, Dr. Beingessner outlines the foods that commonly causes breastfeeding babies discomfort, and provides 85 great tasting recipes to get new moms started.

Dr. Beingessner continues to help moms and their spouses stay happy and healthy, as they create a new life as a family. She is currently co-writing a book about the ‘Becoming Parents’ Prenatal Program. She can be contacted by telephone at (403) 273-5653, or via email at Visit her blog at

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