On the Right Side

I’m always surprised by the number of folks who tell me that they couldn’t possibly learn to draw because they ‘can’t draw a straight line’. The idea that creativity and the ability to draw is an innate talent is quite a misperception. Drawing, painting, or any other form of artistic creativity is actually a learned skill. There’s an excellent book that has been a favourite of mine for years, that speaks directly to that fact. The book is called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain“, by Betty Edwards. In it, the author takes her students – most of whom have no artistic background at all – through a variety of artistic excercises. There are many ‘before and after’ pictures documenting their exciting progress, which shows how ‘learned’ the whole process really is.

So fear not. There are lots of great spots in Calgary to take an art class. I always recommend Swinton’s, because that’s where I take classes; but there’s lots of other great places. Most art supply stores either have in-house instruction, or can refer you to a great teacher. Have fun!

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