About Cheryl Peddie

I work as a full-time artist in Calgary, Alberta. I enjoy creating art that depicts natural settings of the prairies, lake country and the coast. Living in the city, however, I also love depicting urban spaces – from busy street scenes, to interiors and still life. I enjoy painting and writing about art and creativity because I want to share a few key ideas with others:

First, I believe that the ability to be creative is not solely innate. It can also be learned and developed. We all have the gifts of a unique point of view, thoughts, emotions and beliefs. These gifts are what makes each person’s art so special.

Second, I believe that our life experiences not only expand our capacity for creativity, but that creativity expands our capacity for life experiences. Whether we express ourselves through paint, yarn, or crayons and glue sticks, creativity helps us find our self-worth, self-acceptance & compassion. It helps us feel love and empathy, (both for ourselves and others) and to know that we belong and have a purpose.

This is why I paint – I hope you enjoy my work.

Tel: (403) 201-6532
Web: cherylpeddie.ca
Email: cherylatemergecreative.ca

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3rd Place, Professional Category
‘Morning at Ghost River’ 8″x10″ Oil on Gessoboard
The Crossing at Ghost River’s 2013 Plein Air Challenge


9 thoughts on “About Cheryl Peddie

  1. Cheryl

    OMG! You are having quite a prolific summer! Fantastic work, I like them all – keep at ‘er! Just so you know, if I win the lottery, I will be starting my own CP collection with everything you have produced so far…



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  3. Wow, I love the way you see the world. I’m particularly fond the fresh spirited pallet you’re using on your urban scenes. More please!

    • Wow – thank you so much Constance! I do accept the nomination with many thanks. I just rolled out of bed so will follow up with your link once I get some caffeine in me and my day under way! Many thanks again, Cheryl. :)

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog! Considering this was my first post in over a year it gives me confidence someone out there in cyber world is reading me. I look forward to reading and seeing what you have to say.

    • Hi Kim! Your work is beautiful! I’m so glad you’re posting again and thank you for visiting mine also! I’m off to do a painting demo today and viewing your work has given me much inspiration for my day! Thank you again – looking forward to seeing more of your work! ake care! cheryl.

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